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A column by Abby Zimet
A column by Abby Zimet

The War Criminal and the Carnival Barker

Improbably, things just keep getting weirder. Now we have the mind-bending spectacle of venal, mendacious warmonger Dick 'Dr. Doom' Cheney - who lied us into war, championed multiple forms of torture, and "would do it again" - emerging to claim the moral high ground in an ad for Liz that torches Orange Guy as a liar, loser, coward and greatest threat to the republic ever, except maybe for himself. Oddly, despite a white cowboy hat - =Good Guy - a concurring but not-yet-amnesiac America seems skeptical of "this old bag of sins." "Just shut the fuck up," said one. And, "1,000,000 Iraqis."

Abby Zimet · Aug 5, 2022

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