Jake Johnson, staff writer
"He doesn't understand what farmers are dealing with, and he's the head of the Department of Agriculture. He's supposed to be working for farmers."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Lewis Ziska
Rep. Chellie Pingree tweeted, "Once again, the Trump admin is silencing our...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
The proposal, said Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow, would "take food away from...


About that move by Dumpster and his oil-rich goons to create a pretend-it's-not-there-and-hope-it'll-go away-even-though-we're-gonna-all-die reality: No. Their Orwellian ban on the term "climate change" - now “weather extremes," thanks - has met a flood of opposition, from scientists leaking a damning report to artists working underwater to a rogue Alt N ational Park Service upping their game. Because "climate change isn't like Voldemort - not saying its name won't keep it from happening."