Alexander Zaitchik
Amazon rainforest
"We know what happens when the state does nothing. We know how quickly the forest can disappear."
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
Glenn Greenwald, founder and editor of The Intercept, gestures during a hearing at the Lower House's Human Rights Commission in Brasilia, Brazil, on June 25, 2019.
"Criminally investigating journalist Glenn Greenwald for reporting on...
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
Journalist Glenn Greenwald is facing death threats for his reporting on Brazilian corruption.
"We have taken all the measures that we feel like we should take for our legal...


With Brazil's World Cup three weeks away, up to 250,000 unsightly poor people have been driven out of their favelas; thousands of subsequently homeless people have been evicted from encampments; strikes and protests are rampant; and thousands of angry squatters remain in encampments set up to protest a country that spends $14 billion "to have a lovely World Cup and for the city to look nice, yet we still see children sleeping in the street." Street artist Paulo Ito's furious portrayal of the...