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A column by Abby Zimet
A column by Abby Zimet

These Are Not the Best of Times

Bad news on the culture war battleground that is our schools, where wingnuts in power are begetting a flood of untrue, inexact, "pedagogically pernicious" and proliferating "educational gag orders" - no sex, race, class, "anti-American ideology," "divisive concepts" or "discomfort." Parents can ban books, sit in on classrooms, sue teachers or snitch on those "behaving objectionably." Thus did a Florida school district just cancel a civil rights history lecture for teachers 'cause it might sorta be (banned) CRT. Its silenced speaker: "The victims of this censorship are history and the truth."

Abby Zimet · Jan 24, 2022

AOC Leads Call for Improved At-Home Covid Test Program

"Families living in basement apartments, renovated multifamily units, and multigenerational family households should be able to order the tests they need," said the New York Democrat.
Jessica Corbett ·

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