Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Raqqa, Syria
If Syria and Iraq are the model of "success," Trump's war expansion should terrify Afghan civilians
Jon Queally, staff writer
The sitting generals like it . The retired generals who dominate corporate news...
Julia Conley, staff writer
The Sierra Club and other environmental groups have fought the 500-mile Sabal Trail pipeline, which would carry fracked gas across wetlands in three states.
Environmental groups on Tuesday were applauding a decision that could have an...


Another hallucinatory hiccup in the tawdry downfall of the Republic. The narcissistic dumpster went to Arizona. The crowds of protesters were huge. The crowds of supporters were thin. They valiantly cheered as he lied and preened and raved that hate groups are the fault of dishonest media "trying to take away the history and our heritage.” What? Also wait. Why is Trump, in the first months of a catastrophic presidency, holding campaign rallies? Insane.