Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Surprise! Bill written by two male Republicans would strip basic reproductive care from millions of women.
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Spanish Civil Guard police have stormed several Catalan government ministries in an attempt to stop the region's independence referendum on October 1, which has been deemed illegal by the Spanish government in Madrid. (Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images)
Protests erupted in Catalan cities as well as Madrid on Wednesday after Spanish...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
man shoots gun
The Trump administration will reportedly ease export rules to allow American...


Hypocrisy, thy name is the malignant gang of grifters, liars and swamp monsters trying to rob Americans of their right to health care. Primary among them, Health and Human Services' Tom Price, who just spent $60,000 for private jets - look Ma, I'm ripping people off! - on several short trips he could have taken for as little as 50 bucks. This is a guy who rants about cutting waste, wants to slash Medicaid, opposes funding children's health and fighting AIDS. This is "a fantastic piece of shit."

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