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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls on representatives to formally condemn Trump's comments
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Mick Mulvaney
"Cabinet members are pressed weekly on what regulations they can strip from the...
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Women hold signs and chant during a rally for reproductive rights on June 09, 2019 in Sydney
"The last two years," says new agenda, "have seen increasingly hostile attacks...


Chutzpah Inc: Lawyers for rich white guy and sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein are asking he be released on bail to his $77 million, fake-breast-filled New York mansion because, despite many obscene crimes, a dozen more accusers and several new charges, Epstein is a victim of "the toxic political climate" who has "a spotless 14-year record" and didn't do any truly bad sex trafficking, like enslaving. Rebecca Solnit on our culture of impunity: "Truth is whatever the powerful want it to be."