Jake Johnson, staff writer
"The FCC under Pai is handing over the internet to a few humongous gatekeepers who see the rest of us as products to be delivered to advertisers, not as citizens needing communications that serve democracy's needs."
Common Dreams staff
National surveys show more than a third of women across America are abused by...
Common Dreams staff
money and tax form
Americans for Tax Fairness warns that the bill gives most of the tax cuts to...


Talk about doubling down: A Texas woman threatened and arrested by a Repub sheriff affronted by her straight-talking truck decal - FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM - has not only added the sheriff's name to her missive; she's considering suing him. Sheriff Troy Nehls was upset by her "offensive display." Far more offensive, argues Karen Fonseca and her state rep, is a president who boasts he can "grab women by the pussy” and a sheriff who feels he can "target citizens."

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Derek Denman, Maria Adelmann

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