Jake Johnson, staff writer
"It's important news that the environmental movement seems to be rallying round a new flag. That standard bears a number: 100 percent," McKibben writes.
"What Medicare for All is to the healthcare debate, or Fight for $15 is to the battle against inequality, 100 percent renewable is to the struggle for the planet's future."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Raqqa, Syria
As President Donald Trump expands the war in Afghanistan, which Secretary of...
Julia Conley, staff writer
The Sierra Club and other environmental groups have fought the 500-mile Sabal Trail pipeline, which would carry fracked gas across wetlands in three states.
Environmental groups on Tuesday were applauding a decision that could have an...


In a stupefyingly tone-deaf turn of the racial tables, a perennially offensive NYPD union has released a video claiming cops are the hapless victims of a "strange form of racism” engulfing the country. "Because I am blue, I am vilified," says a voiceover as we see a cop just indicted for killing an older, mentally ill, black woman. No. You and your ilk are vilified for killing an older, mentally ill, black woman, and over 624 other, largely black people in 2017, so get a grip.