Julia Conley, staff writer
"Just when you thought the Trump administration couldn't possibly stoop any lower..."
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SCOTUS Protest
"The court needs to be on the right side of history and stop politicians from...
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Utah Senator Mike Lee delivers remarks on climate change.
" People like Mike Lee say ridiculous stuff on C-SPAN so that it will distract...


The toll rises: Dr. Jeremy Richman, neuroscientist, activist and father whose daughter Avielle was killed in Newtown, has died, the third evident suicide in days of a survivor of our gun carnage. The death of Richman, whose Avielle foundation researched brain health to prevent violence, coincided with the anniversary of March For Our Lives. It also lays bare a devastating, irreparable trauma needlessly endured by too many. One survivor: "He was a brokenhearted person, as we all are."