Eoin Higgins, staff writer
"Let's not be timid and behave minimally at a time of maximum threats to our political order," Moyers and Winship write.
"This is not a dress rehearsal our democracy faces. It's the real thing."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
A fire rages in Bobin, Australia
The extreme weather comes as a new report on G20 nations reveals that "...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Not only is he running cover for the Saudi government by saying the pre-...


So the guy whose slimy daddy got him five free passes from our imperial wars, whose party has blocked 56 veterans' bills, who's stolen millions from vets' charities, trash-talked Gold Star families, blocked 500,000 VoteVets members, tried to ban disabled vets from selling their sad wares near his gold palace and once evicted a vet with a therapy dog was just booed and shunned at NYC's Veterans Day Parade as he extolled "the righteous might" of the US military. Shameless hypocrisy thy name is.