Jessica Corbett, staff writer
A dock sits damaged near the Statue of Liberty
The assessment details anticipated declines in fish stocks as well as increases in damage by superstorms and displacement due to rising seas
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Hawaii's Kanapou Bay
"The solutions are known and within our grasp. We just need the social and...
Jon Queally, staff writer
A salmon leaping rapids in Alaska. (Photo: arctic-tern/Getty Images)
"This is one of the world's most beautiful places, with a thriving salmon run,...


Dolphins are clearing underwater "mines" and sea lions are cuffing "terrorists" during homeland security training exercises in California this week. The Navy Marine Mammals program, begun during the Vietnam War and now being expanded into anti-terrorism work, was even brought in for the 1996 GOP convention, presumably to guard against underwater hippie protesters. More critter photos here . No word on how they feel about doing military service.