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Health Cost Calculator Shows Most Californians Would Save Big With Medicare for All

"Working together, Californians can save our state billions, save each family thousands, and most importantly, guarantee healthcare for all so that everyone has equal access to lifesaving treatment."

Brett Wilkins ·

Commission's Report Shows Medicare for All Is Logical Next Step for California

A universal healthcare system utilizing a single-payer model in the state will save California families and businesses over $100 billion per year. The door to quality, universal, and affordable care is open and so now we must walk through.

Michael Lighty ·

We Are Not 'In This Together': The Biden Adminstration's Covid-19 Policy Is Still Killing Vulnerable People

Our government has abandoned its responsibility to protect its citizens by blaming its failures on the very individuals it was elected to protect.

Maggie Mills ·

'Beyond Unacceptable': Progressives Rip Senate Republicans for Blocking Birth Control Bill

"Today, Republicans showed the American people where they stand: No abortions, and no birth control to prevent the need for one," said Sen. Ed Markey.

Brett Wilkins ·

'Is It Better Than Nothing? I Suppose': Sanders Disappointed by Dems' Drug Pricing Plan

"It's a very weak proposal" but "we're dealing with the power of PhRMA over the Congress," he said, taking aim at industry lobbyists.

Jessica Corbett ·

Study Ties 'Forever Chemicals' Exposure to Billions in US Health Costs

One co-author said the findings show the cost of cleaning up and replacing PFAS "is ultimately justified when considering the tremendous economic and medical risks of allowing them to persist in the environment."

Jessica Corbett ·

Texas Abortion Ban Turned One Woman's Pregnancy Into a 'Dystopian Nightmare'

"Anti-abortion zealots should be forced to read this..." asserted one journalist. "They are responsible for her suffering."

Brett Wilkins ·

Michigan Students Walk Out of Ceremony Over Keynote Speaker's Pro-Forced Birth Views

"Keep in mind that the state of abortion rights in Michigan is very much on the line. Being quiet right now is a political choice."

Julia Conley ·

Biden Must Do More to Protect Medication Abortion in the Post-Roe South

By declaring a public health emergency under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, the Biden administration could "enable out-of-state prescribing and dispensing of medications for abortion for those in states with abortion bans."

Elisha Brown ·

House Dems Urge Private Mail Carriers to Protect Access to Abortion Pills

"Extremists have indicated they'll use every trick in the book to prevent Americans from obtaining abortions, including through legal home delivery," said Rep. Katie Porter.

Julia Conley ·

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