Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Seniors and all Americans don't need Trump cards, they need real solutions to rip-off drug prices."
Lisa Newcomb, staff writer
"Not being reimbursed by Medicare would be crippling—akin to a household losing...
Common Dreams staff
Public Citizen is hosting a virtual town hall with congressional leaders and progressive advocates fighting for Medicare for All. (Image: Public Citizen)
"How can you watch 12,000,000 people lose healthcare in a pandemic and not...


Channeling David Lynch, the Koch-backed Generation Opportunity - whose mission is to convince young people to opt out of the totalitarian evil that is health care - has released a darkly crackpot video invite to an upcoming "Creepy Carenival" in D.C. that, "like Obamacare itself, comes with a veneer of excitement (weirdo Uncle Sam! mandatory vasectomies!) but as soon as you begin to experience it, you realize you are being taken for a ride." WTF? The kicker: A new study shows that ads by...