Washington Post

Jake Johnson, staff writer
"We've said from day one that any savings employers gain from Medicare for All must be passed on to union workers in the form of higher wages and benefits. We know that because Bernie wrote the damn bill."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"We've said from the start that we will have to take on virtually the entire...
Julia Conley, staff writer
The notion "that it's 'not meaningful' that the bottom 50 percent of earners...


Turns out it can get worse, in a mezmerizing sort of way. After the WaPo Editorial Board met with Drumpf, they released a transcript. You may find it surreal listening to him speak, but there's nothing - except maybe that replayed loop of the second plane ramming the Twin Towers - like seeing in print his stupefyingly WTF mix of words. FYI: This is a small, sick, racist, insecure, narcissistic, penis-obsessed moron.