US Supreme Court

Brett Wilkins, staff writer
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer speaks at the Brookings Institution on January 21, 2016. (Photo: Paul Morigi/Brookings Institution/Flickr/cc)
"We cannot afford to risk Democrats losing control of the Senate before a Biden nominee can be confirmed," asserted Demand Justice director Brian Fallon.
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Julia Olson, executive director and chief legal counsel at Our Children's Trust, stands with some of the youth plaintiffs from the landmark lawsuit <em>Juliana v. United States</em>. (Photo: courtesy of Robin Loznak)
A win in the case would "hold current and future lawmakers accountable for...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Opponents of an abortion ban in Arkansas protested at the statehouse Wednesday in outfits inspired by The Handmaid's Tale. (Photo: Arkansas Abortion Support Network/Facebook)
Amid public health and financial crises, said the ACLU of Arkansas, "it is...


Note to Media: Having A Penis Thrust In Your Face Is Not Harmless Fun and Jesus What Is Wrong With You People
The latest news that Justice Lying Beer Bong is a serial sexual predator - and that the louts in power worked to cover it up - is dismally unsurprising. More unexpected is the unholy mess the New York Times made of the story: They buried the news, ran it as "opinion," then teased it by vilely positing that a drunken dick shoved in your face "may seem like harmless fun.” Say what? Enduring lesson from the entitled and immune: "Fun is what I do to you," and why aren't you laughing?