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Time for a Taxpayer Revolt: How Corporatist Politicians Make You Subsidize Big Corporations

New York's Kathy Hochul is just getting started in her enormous giveaways to the super-rich and greedy. She is the plutocrats’ Governor.

Ralph Nader ·

Low-Wage American Taxpayers Spent Billions Inflating CEO Pay Through Stock Buybacks

President Biden has the power to crack down on executive excess by imposing new CEO pay and buyback restrictions on federal contractors.

Sarah Anderson ·

Beyer Proposes Filibuster-Proof 1,000% Tax on AR-15s

"What it's intended to do is provide another creative pathway to actually make some sensible gun control happen," said the Virginia Democrat of the proposal.

Julia Conley ·

We Need a Strong "Wealth Squad" to Counter the Endless Defenses of the Megarich

As U.S. billionaires got richer and their wealth defense tactics proliferated, audit rates sharply declined. Funding the IRS' wealth squad would help ensure the nation's richest pay their fair share of taxes.

Kalena Thomhave ·

'Social Security Not Going Broke': Sanders Says Program Can and Should Be Expanded

While the GOP repeat the false and intentionally misleading claim of insolvency, Sanders says the popular program can be expanded simply by making the rich "pay their fair share."

Julia Conley ·

You Can Thank Ronald Reagan for the Economic Shitstorm to Come

In addition to an economy held together with the baling-wire of Fed stimulus (that’s ending), both the U.S. and the world are facing a wild spectrum of assaults that could have huge economic impacts.

Thom Hartmann ·

How Corporations Are Using Inflation to Take Your Money

Unless we address this growing imbalance, corporations will continue siphoning off the economy's gains into their CEOs' and shareholders' pockets—while everyday Americans get shafted.

Robert Reich ·

As World's Mega Rich Geared Up for Davos, Central Bankers Went Rogue — and Rational

The case for taxing the rich gets an unexpected boost.

Sam Pizzigati ·

Millionaires Call on Davos Elite to Address Inequality and Hunger

Over 150 millionaires delivered a statement to the World Economic Forum, calling on Davos attendees to take on wealth inequality.

Chuck Collins ·

'Tax the Rich,' Say Millionaire Activists Protesting at Davos Amid Record Wealth, Inequality

"As someone who has enjoyed the benefits of wealth my whole life I know how skewed our economy is and I cannot continue to sit back and wait for someone, somewhere, to do something," said one demonstrator.

Brett Wilkins ·

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