Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Spanish Civil Guard police have stormed several Catalan government ministries in an attempt to stop the region's independence referendum on October 1, which has been deemed illegal by the Spanish government in Madrid. (Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images)
Protests erupted in Catalan cities as well as Madrid on Wednesday after Spanish authorities ramped up their efforts to thwart the northeastern region's upcoming independence referendum by storming ministries and seizing nearly 10 million ballot papers and detaining at least a dozen high ranking local officials. Protesters in Barcelona, the region'...
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Illinois passes automatic voter registration. (Photo: Sandor Weisz/flickr/cc)
In a time of increased efforts to restrict access to the polls, Illinois took a...
Jon Queally, staff writer
Despite a federal judge's ruling on Monday rejecting a challenge to an election...


Sick of our electoral debacle? Check out Iceland, where the radical Pirate Party is improbably poised to win their election with a quarter of Icelanders' support, more than any other party. Riding a wave of post-Panama-Papers rage at corrupt business as usual, the Pirates would reject the two governing parties to form a coalition with small progressive ones to work for direct democracy, free speech and transparency. Their rubric: “We are not here to gain power. We are here to distribute power.”

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