Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Catalan independence supporters hold a rally in front of the Generalitat de Catalunya after the Catalan Parliament voted to declare independence from Spain on October 27, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo: Jack Taylor/Getty Images)
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy exercises extraordinary authority to fire Catalonian government
Julia Conley, staff writer
Catalans poured into the streets of Barcelona Saturday following the Spanish...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
People took to the streets in Barcelona and across the Catalan region to...


Sick of our electoral debacle? Check out Iceland, where the radical Pirate Party is improbably poised to win their election with a quarter of Icelanders' support, more than any other party. Riding a wave of post-Panama-Papers rage at corrupt business as usual, the Pirates would reject the two governing parties to form a coalition with small progressive ones to work for direct democracy, free speech and transparency. Their rubric: “We are not here to gain power. We are here to distribute power.”