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Republicans Believe Lying Will Make It So—And They May Be Right

But a party morally corrupted by Donald Trump and its own rotten behavior must not stand.

Michael Winship ·

Cuba and the US: The Difference Between Dictatorship and Tyranny

By all Western standards it can be said that Cuba is a dictatorship, but it is necessary to remember that the United States is the tyranny that created it, a brutal tyranny that has been going on for at least two hundred years.

Jorge Majfud ·

Decaying Democracy and the Deadly Lag

Lag time is another phrase for the "democracy gap." It is the space between what most of the people want and need, and what those same passive people suffer and tolerate.

Ralph Nader ·

When Does the Greed Stop?

Our government has been corrupted by greed and the money it brings, and that corruption has spread like a cancer to religion, education, and helping professions like healthcare.

Thom Hartmann ·

The For the People Act Is Still Alive

Pundits have a tendency to underestimate movements for democracy reform.

Mahnoor Imran ·

To Honor John Lewis, Progressives Say, 'End the Filibuster' and Pass Voting Rights Legislation

"Remembering and celebrating John Lewis today is important," said Rep. Cori Bush. "Abolishing the filibuster to secure the right to vote for everyone is how we must protect his legacy."

Kenny Stancil ·

The Perils of "Minority Rule"

Minority rule has metastasized like a cancer and is now pervasive throughout the US political system.

Steven Hill ·

It Looks Like President Biden Is Surrendering On Passing Voting Rights Protections

Biden left out the only word that really counts: "Filibuster."

Miles Mogulescu ·

Targeting Dark Money Attacking Democracy, Watchdog Files FEC Complaint Against 23 Super PACs

"Voters have a right to know when big money is flowing into their elections from D.C.-based groups hiding their agendas and funding behind fake names."

Andrea Germanos ·

'Shame on Us,' Says Warnock, If Senate Dems Let Filibuster Kill Voting Rights

"No Senate rule supersedes people's constitutional rights," said the Democratic senator from Georgia.

Jake Johnson ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.