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Who Is to Blame for Inflation? The Power Brokers of Capitalism

A half-century long power play, led by corporations, Wall Street, governments, and central banks, has gone badly wrong.

Yanis Varoufakis ·

Progressives Say Windfall Profits Tax a 'Better Solution' Than Biden's Gas Tax Holiday

"A windfall tax would get more relief to more people by penalizing the Big Oil profiteering that's driving up prices," said one campaigner.

Kenny Stancil ·

Study Shows Excess Corporate Profits in the US Have Become 'Widespread'

A new research paper finds that corporate price markups and profits jumped to their highest levels in seven decades last year.

Jake Johnson ·

Why Do Tens of Millions in US Support an Economic System That Doesn't Benefit Them?

If people throw away money, opportunities, and their very lives chasing destructive delusions, then we might as well revert to divine right of kings or the selection of leaders by lottery.

Mike Lofgren ·

'It's a Public Health Issue!' MSNBC Host Makes Case for Medicare for All

"It's time to stop treating universal healthcare or single-payer or Medicare for All as some sort of fringe, left-wing issue," said Mehdi Hasan.

Jake Johnson ·

The US Could Lose the New Cold War With China and Russia

Other countries will not want to ally themselves with a power that rests on increasingly uncertain economic, social, and political foundations.

Joseph Stiglitz ·

'Poverty Is Violence!' Thousands of Demonstrators in DC Demand Economic Justice

"We are the 140 million poor and low-wealth people, standing together to declare we won't be silent anymore," said Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, co-chair of the Poor People's campaign.

Jessica Corbett ·

Oil Crisis! Surging Inflation! Is This the 1970s Again?

If our problems now were on the same scale as they were then, we would have a much better chance of solving them.

Richard Heinberg ·

'We Won't Be Silent or Unseen Anymore': Poor People's Campaign to Lead DC Assembly

Bishop William Barber, a campaign co-chair, said the United States' current poverty level "is actually morally indefensible, constitutionally inconsistent, politically insensitive, and economically insane."

Jessica Corbett ·

The Big Tech Antitrust Battle Is A Fight For Democracy

There's a serious possibility that Big Tech's scorched Earth campaign to stop anything akin to real industry oversight or reform will end up working.

Aidan Smith ·

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