Jessica Corbett, staff writer
fight for $15 protest
The board's only Democrat said the move "places an unjustified burden on workers seeking to exercise their fundamental workplace rights."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Workers and allies demanding a $15 an hour wage stage a protest outside a McDonald's restaurant.
"The owner class will buy up every lever of power they can... But in the end we...


On "a very busy day" of tweeting 120 times - lying, ranting, bullying a heroic 16-year-old - we're surprised the Rageaholic-In-Chief didn't get around to attacking the honorable diplomats, analysts and public servants TIME just named Guardians of the Year. Trump reviled them as "traitors" and "human scum"; TIME praised them for taking on the duty of truth-telling in the face of such animus, noting, "The courage they summoned was not to break the law, but to follow it."

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