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Single-Payer Bill Leaps First Major Hurdle in California

Committee passage was heralded as "big news," but an uncertain path forward remains.

Andrea Germanos ·

Caravans Across California Set to Hit the Road as State's Single-Payer Bill Advances

"Single-payer healthcare is long overdue, and while we push for Medicare for All nationally, California can lead the way by enacting CalCare."

Brett Wilkins ·

Watch: Video Starring NY Lawmakers Lampoons Absurdity of For-Profit Healthcare

The message of the video—which stars New York state lawmakers Jabari Brisport and Zohran Kwame Mamdani—is clear: "We simply cannot afford not to have a single-payer system."

Brett Wilkins ·

Medicare for All Would Have Prevented Hundreds of Thousands of Covid Deaths: New Report

"We need to be prepared for the next pandemic, and we can't be under the current for-profit system."

Jake Johnson ·

Jayapal, Dingell to Unveil Medicare for All Act Exactly One Year After 1st Covid Cases Confirmed in Every State

"This past year makes it incredibly clear why we must pass Medicare for All."

Jake Johnson ·

Perfidy Meets Putty—Congressional Democrats Betray Voters

Where is the outcry among Democratic politicians to reverse completely the corporate takeover of Medicare?

Ralph Nader ·

Medicare for All the 'Only Way Forward,' Concludes Lancet Panel in Study Detailing Death and Misery Inflicted by Trump

"Trump's disastrous actions compounded longstanding failures in health policy in the USA. We know what it will take to create a healthy society. We just need the political will to do it."

Jake Johnson ·

'Good': Billionaire-Backed Effort to Upend US Healthcare System Collapses After Just 3 Years

"For-profit corporations ruined our healthcare system. They're not going to be the ones to fix it."

Andrea Germanos ·

Trump, Biden and a Possible October Single-Payer Surprise

Will Trump pull the single-payer card?

Russell Mokhiber ·

Rest in Power, Kevin Zeese (1955 - 2020)

Kevin fought to bring truth every day. We must not lose this struggle.

Margaret Flowers ·

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