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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Ask the State Dept: If My Family Is Rather Tan, Will They Be Mistaken For the Brown Criminal Infestaton Your President Fears, and Can They Choose the Size of Their Cage?
The kids are still in cages, but the righteous wrath grows. Pushback has come from almost 80 former U.S. Attorneys, several state governors, many religious leaders and, in a truly celestial move, 600 Methodists who've charged Evil Elf Sessions with child abuse and immorality. In the midst of the furor, the ghouls in the W.H. proved their chillingly tone-deaf ineptitude by hosting a live Facebook chat to answer questions about safe summer travel with your kids. They got some humdingers.
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Monday, June 18, 2018
Broken Children In Cages Are Sobbing For Mommy and Daddy, and Mobsters Are Governing America
Man. New audio of incarcerated toddlers crying for their parents did us in, never mind growing evidence of the lifelong damage being done. Meanwhile, a new poll says two-thirds of Americans want it to end, all Senate Dems - NO Repubs - now support a Keep Families Together Act, and Mad Dog PAC billboards - "What If It Was Your Child?" - are circling the Capitol. These kids' stories will be told, says Charlie Pierce; the rest of us "are choosing the history of which we one day will be a part."
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Sunday, June 17, 2018
You Don't Have To Show Them Shit
With immigration and other agents of the state increasingly untethered - they've now come for refugees, asylees, toddlers, Dreamers and a few citizens - we present a role model for the times. Tiana Smalls, a self-described "LOUD ass Black woman" and small business owner who knows her rights and is "willing to act a WHOLE DONKEY" in defense of them, was on an interstate bus when Border Agents boarded and demanded passengers' papers; it did not go well for them.
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Thursday, June 14, 2018
Trump's Version of Winning the War Is Evicting Older and Vulnerable Tenants To Make More Money
About that grotesque mural of Dear Leader at the kids' internment camp in Texas with the quote, “Sometimes losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.” Turns out the quote, from "Art of the Deal," references his failed 1981 move to evict tenants from their homes to build glitzy condos. Lawsuits charged him with super slimy tactics from "threats of imminent demolition” to cutting off services to attempted blackmail about tenants' sex lives. Once, they would have been hard to believe.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Vino Vixen and the Enemies' List
Another day, another surreal tale of cultism and dysfunction. A former beverage lobbyist/wine blogger and new "senior adviser" to the State Department's Bureau of International Organization Affairs is on a mission to sniff out Bolsheviks...oops, staffers not sufficiently loyal to Dear Leader. She checks their social media and work history seeking "signs of ideological deviation," then excludes miscreants from briefings. Because only the best people.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2018
South Park Meets Shark Tank: Two Leaders, One Destiny, So Many Fabulous Waterfront Condos
Among the weirdnesses of the Trump-Kim Jong Un summit - wherein two liars/bullies made a vague "agreement" as Dennis Rodman sobbed - was the White House's cheesy video featuring soaring music, waving flags and rhetoric like, "Only a few are called on to make a difference." Weirder yet was Trump's solution to everything. Instead of "exploding cannons into the ocean," North Korea could "have the best hotels in the world right there!" Because peace = a real estate deal.
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Monday, June 11, 2018
Diligently Scotch-Taping Trump's "Legacy," Such As It Is, Back Together
Turns out our Western alliances, Democratic norms and notion of rational, informed governance aren't the only things the baby-man in the White House is shredding these days. He also rips up papers - especially negative stories - after he "reads" them, which (surprise!) is illegal. Enter the minions whose $65,000 a year task was to scotch-tape them back together, or it was until they were abruptly "terminated" - an act one called "Kafka-esque." Tell us about it.
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Friday, June 8, 2018
The More Things Change: Tulsa's Race Massacre That History Books Turned Into A Race "Riot"
Last week marked the 97th anniversary of Tulsa's Race Massacre, wherein white mobs, abetted by complicit officials, burned, bombed from the air and virtually destroyed the black, thriving Greenwood community known as Negro Wall Street, killing at least 300 people. Despite history books that ignored the country's worst domestic terror attack or reshaped it as a "race riot," many say it's time to call out "A merica's vast silence about the atrocities (performed) in the service of white history. "
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Thursday, June 7, 2018
In (Nasty) Bed With Fossil Fuel
Calling out perhaps the swampiest of Trump's swamp monsters, Greenpeace marked World Environment Day by presenting Scott Pruitt, arch enemy of the environment, with his very own used mattress (ewww, wait, WTF?) from Trump Hotel, just like he asked his aide to find on your dime. Trying to solve the mystery of the malodorous mattress, activists figure Pruitt's been in bed with so many fossil fuel lobbyists, he probably wore out his old one.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2018
I Am Not Resisting!
Another ugly, fractious day in America: Out-of-control sheriffs' deputies in Oregon were caught on video brutally arresting Kevin Straw, a slight, homeless, clearly mentally ill man for yelling outside a police search and rescue command post; once they threw Straw to the ground, one beefy thug punched him in the head up to 20 times as Straw screamed, "I am not resisting!" and "Help!" This, along with the rest, is why the empire is falling.
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