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Thursday, September 20, 2018
Historic: Too Much Winning
On the grim anniversary of Hurricane Maria, as Puerto Rico remains in tarp-strewn ruins, thousands lack power or water, and scores who fled now face homelessness, the White House boasted of its "historic recovery effort" and agreed to give the island about 1% of what it needs to rebuild. Then Trump went to a Las Vegas rally where he called Brett Kavanaugh "a fine, fine person" and happily imagined the day we'd all want him to "stop winning so much," which we think is here.
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Monday, September 17, 2018
The Company He Keeps: Kavanaugh Bro Mark Judge Is A Scummy Piece of Work
At his confirmation hearing, "calculated liar" and alleged sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh nobly said he'd tried to live his high school creed "Men for others," but growing evidence - thanks, enemies of the people - says otherwise. Take Mark Judge (please), his best bud and fellow assaulter, a teenage alcoholic turned racist, homophobic, right-wing writer who often discredits sexual assault accounts; his chosen yearbook quote: “Certain women should be struck regularly, like gongs.”
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Sunday, September 16, 2018
We Can All Be Accused Of Something
The White House of a pathological liar, irredeemable grifter and serial sexual predator has now set the bar so low it's underground, or more aptly, under water. They and their slimy apologists responded to the credible charge from a "leftist rage mob" that a Supreme Court nominee tried to rape someone by smearing the victim, crowing about all the women he didn't try to rape, urging a vote NOW, and dumbfoundingly arguing, c'mon, who among us hasn't tried to rape someone?
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Friday, September 14, 2018
kkk Hmm, Thomas the Train Is Integrated Now and the NRA Is Losing It
While the NRA has done a swell job whipping America into shape - so many guns! - it's now facing down the awful specter of ethnic diversity and gender equality in its latest lethal incarnation: Thomas the Tank Engine has introduced a Kenyan train, also some girl trains. What the? Mixing train races? The horror. Fighting back, Dana Loesch went on NRA TV and put Thomas and his snooty diverse friends in white KKK hoods, riding on flaming tracks, because, umm....We don't get it either.
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Thursday, September 13, 2018
The "President" Is A Loathsome Sociopath Doing Even More Damage Than We Knew, So Mueller Please Hurry
It took the White House all day to devise an ostensible defense for its sick narcissist's claim the Democrats just imagined all those dead people in Puerto Rico - he's responding to "misinformation" - but the uproar came fast and fierce; many counseled he get help, stop lying, resign or fuck off. In the wake of his crossing yet another unthinkable line, others cited the too-little-noted carnage our inept clown's already done in P.R., Texas, North Carolina and God knows where else.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Long May She Wave Redux
Among the historic numbers of women running for office, now count Juli Briskman, the defiant Virginia cyclist who gained fame - and lost her job - when she flipped off the idiot pretender's motorcade last year. In her first foray into local politics, Briskman's running for District supervisor - in a county she hopes to help shift from red to blue - because sweet Jesus look what's going on and "if not now, when?"
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Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Stoked To Celebrate So Much Death, Like, The Biggest Numbers Ever
As most sentient beings marked with grief or rage the anniversary of 9/11 - a day that begot 3,000 deaths at home and, ultimately, hundreds of thousands across a ravaged Middle East - the sick schmuck in the White House offered a stunningly unseemly fist bump en route to a memorial. But current idiocies aside, the day's truth endures: GOP opportunists and imperialists used it to launch a calamitous forever war, still festering, for which they have yet to face any consequence.
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Monday, September 10, 2018
Dallas Cop Who Killed Guy For Being Home While Black Was Arrested But Inexplicably Keeps Changing Her Story
Another one, especially dubious, as deadly as ever. A white Dallas cop has been charged with manslaughter after she walked into the apartment of black man and all-round good guy Botham Jean and fatally shot him. Amber Guyger said she mistook Jean's apartment for hers; she later said the door was open, she saw a "large silhouette" and she issued verbal commands Jean “ignored” - all swiftly evolving claims that witnesses refute. "Botham loved mankind," said his grieving mother. "This has to stop."
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Thursday, September 6, 2018
News Flash (Duh) For Kavanaugh: Contraception Is Not Abortion
In a telling "red-alarm moment" in his confirmation hearing, increasingly slimy Brett Kavanaugh dropped his careful " Roe v. Wade is precedent" mask long enough to conflate birth control - basic health care used by over 95% of women - with "abortion-inducing drugs," an extremist ideologue's dog whistle that critics blasted as “anti-woman, anti-science propaganda.” Take note, said one choice advocate, “Women have every reason to believe their health and their lives are at stake.”
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Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Nike Keeps Just Doing It So Prepare For More Racist Idiots Burning Their Shoes (Evidently Sometimes While Still Wearing Them)
The smoke's barely cleared from the charred remains of the Nike stuff furious white guys burned - each time, it was said, an angel got its wings - to "boycott" the company for making "son-of-a-bitch" Colin Kaepernick the face of its new "Just Do It" campaign. Still, Nike is unfazed. They've erected a huge Kap billboard, and are debuting a slick TV ad featuring Kap and other uppity types during Thursday's NFL opener. This time, dudes, maybe give your shoes to a homeless vet?
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