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US Legal Observers Report 'Balanced and Transparent' Election Process in Venezuela

The federal government's "consistently false narrative of elections in Venezuela is formulated to legitimize the continuation of U.S. sanctions, which are violations of international law and amount to economic warfare," said the head of the National Lawyers Guild.

Jessica Corbett ·

Five Reasons the Left Won in Venezuela

These elections should put the Biden administration on notice that continuing to support the MUD, and in particular, the fiction of Guaidó as "interim president," is a failed policy.

Leonardo Flores ·

US Policy Toward Venezuela Was Never About Promoting Democracy

Washington's piecemeal strategy on the political front favoring leaders on the right makes it hard to make the case that democracy is, or ever has been, Washington's end game when it comes to Venezuela.

Steve Ellner ·

Biden Administration Is Undermining the Venezuela Dialogue

The Venezuelan people deserve better than another administration sabotaging a dialogue and imposing more deadly sanctions.

Leonardo Flores ·

Venezuela Dialogue Offers Way Out of Crisis

In Washington, the Biden administration must lift cruel sanctions, back diplomacy, and end support for right-wing factions trying to destabilize the elected government.

Leonardo Flores ·

UN Experts Warn US Sanctions Endangering Lives of Venezuelan Cancer Patients

The United States' attempt "to control the political agenda of Venezuela has had devastating consequences for hundreds of people undergoing treatment."

Kenny Stancil ·

To End Collective and Cruel Punishment, Biden Must Go Further on Sanctions Relief

As the Biden administration conducts its review of sanctions, the clock is ticking for millions of people suffering from these callous policies in Iran, Venezuela, and elsewhere.

Hanieh Jodat Barnes ·

Biden Urged to Embrace Top Democrat's Call to End Deadly US Sanctions Against Venezuela

"The terrible suffering and death that Venezuela has experienced in recent years is overwhelmingly a result of economic collapse and deprivation caused by U.S. sanctions."

Kenny Stancil ·

'A Crime': Venezuela Says US Sanctions Disrupting Payments to Vaccine-Sharing Facility

"The message from the U.S. is clear," said one progressive critic: "the 'global health' system is our geopolitical weapon."

Brett Wilkins ·

IG Report Finds Trump Aid to Venezuela Was Aimed at Toppling Maduro

"This was incredibly obvious at the time, but it's shocking to see the details," said one U.S. journalist and author. 

Brett Wilkins ·

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