Kenny Stancil, staff writer
"That's what holds in place our rigged, corrupt economic and political systems," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said in response to a new report detailing how wealthy megadonors—including Mike Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City who was identified as the single biggest spender on federal political campaigns between 2009 and 2020—are undermining U.S. democracy. (Photo: Mark Ralston/AFP via Getty Images)
"The time is now to get big money out of politics, and move to the public funding of elections," said Sen. Bernie Sanders in response.
Kenny Stancil, staff writer
A demonstrator throws stones at a police vehicle during a protest against extreme economic inequality in Santiago, Chile on November 29, 2019. (Photo: Martin Bernetti/AFP via Getty Images)
"Governments need to provide everyone with a fair shot—enabling all individuals...
Brett Wilkins, staff writer
Sen. Bernie Sanders traveled to Birmingham, Alabama to support Amazon warehouse workers trying to unionize. (Photo: Bernie Sanders/YouTube/screen grab)
"If history teaches us anything, it is that big money interests do not just...