About Common Dreams

Our mission.

To inform. To inspire. To ignite change for the common good.

Who we are.

"Common Dreams is a daily, glorious taste of what the dominant media could be if it was shaped by our common dreams of justice and peace."
  - Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine
Common Dreams is a non-profit independent newscenter created in 1997 as a new media model. By relying on our readers and tens of thousands of small donations to keep us moving forward—with no advertising, corporate underwriting or government funding—Common Dreams maintains an editorial independence our readers can count on.

We are optimists. We believe real change is possible. But only if enough well-informed, well intentioned—and just plain fed up and fired-up—people demand it. We believe that together we can attain our common dreams.

What we value.

We share our readers’ progressive values of social justice, human rights, equality and peace. Common Dreams is committed to not only being your trusted news source, but to encouraging critical thinking and civic action on a diverse range of social, economic, and civil rights issues affecting individuals and their communities.

What we do.

Common Dreams works diligently to uncover and publish honest, independent news and information that you can rely on. Every day.

We publish a diverse mix of breaking news, insightful views, videos and press releases covering issues that resonate with progressives in every corner of the globe. We compile it all in one easy-to-access online location, and present it in a clean, uncomplicated format, uninterrupted by pop-ups, advertising or gimmicks.

"Common Dreams is a must in my life and work."
-Bill Moyers, Moyers & Company


Nonprofit. Independent. Reader-Supported

No advertising. No paywalls. No selling your data. Our content is free. Free to read. Free to republish. Free to share.
But, without support from our readers, we simply don't exist. Please, select a donation method and stand with us today.

Common Dreams makes sure that the critical issues and ideas for the future are not drowned out in the ceaseless noise and dis-information that calls itself "the news" in most of the corporate media.

Our community.

We are writers. Activists. Everyday citizens.

We are hundreds of thousands strong.

We understand that to assure a meaningful participation by all in democracy we must maintain a free press—providing reliable information, critical thought and creative ideas.

How you can support this work.

Common Dreams is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. And in order to ensure our independence, we accept no corporate or governmental financing or advertisements of any kind. Common Dreams is funded by the pooling together of thousands of small donations from our readers.

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