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Trump-Loving Americans Drinking Deep From Orban's Fascist Well

Orbán's speeches this week raise the question: Is he teaching the American GOP through his example, or is the GOP teaching him through their "replacement theory" and new laws banning books.

Thom Hartmann ·

'20 Electoral Votes as Well': The Mastriano Threat to Democracy Goes Beyond Pennsylvania

A primary night moment with one of Trump nation's most aggressive 'Big Lie' conspiracy theorists went viral online thanks to Democrats raising alarm bells about what a Republican victory for governor in Pennsylvania might mean for the future of the American Experiment.

Will Bunch ·

It's Time to Unpack This Right-Wing Court

It's time to right the wrong and restore legitimacy to the Supreme Court by counterbalancing the illegitimate appointments of Gorsuch and Barrett and appointing four new, fair justices.

Spencer Black ·

To Tax the Rich, We Need to Debunk the Myth of Fleeing Millionaires

As it turns out, high-earners won't leave if you increase their taxes.

Omar Ocampo ·

Biden's Disastrous Choice to Exclude Nations From Summit of the Americas

U.S. neighbors say the president's reported "democracy vs. autocracy" invite list is a no-go and are willing to forgo the whole thing.

Aileen Teague ·

War has Wreaked Havoc on Ukraine's Public Health System

The Russian army attacks on health facilities, including hospitals and maternity wards, have been repeatedly denounced by international health agencies.

César Chelala ·

Where Are the Goddamn Men?

No more bystander boys in the post-roe era.

Robert Lipsyte ·

The Heart Is Mightier Than the Sword

I envision a social infrastructure that embraces all of us and doesn't condemn anyone's fear and hatred, but rather, listens to him, values him, learns from him and walks with him into the darkness.

Robert C. Koehler ·

Why Seniors Like Me Are Fighting Against Medicare Direct Contracting and ACO REACH

I learned the hard way that if privatization prevails and Wall Street firms are allowed to make decisions about your health care, their profits will always come first.

Rick Timmins ·

Looks Like Another 'Bad Blue' Corporate Democrat Just Bit the Dust

Progressives who rely on small donors and support from grassroots activists are on the march.

Jeff Cohen ·

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