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As Millions Face Poverty, Global Food Companies Paid Out Nearly 15 Billion to Shareholders

World's biggest food giants made £20bn in profits—while warning of price rises to come

Adam Bychawski ·

Supreme Court Case 303 Creative Is About Power, Not Religious Liberty

Together we can work toward combating Christian nationalism and continue striving for a more inclusive America—with or without the Supreme Court of the United States.

Christopher Godshall-Bennett ·

Democrats Failed to Understand the Fundamentals of Collective Bargaining for Railway Workers

Railways owned by the mega-rich racked up huge penalties for mistreatment of workers in the years leading up to the current labor dispute.

Philip Mattera ·

Gen Z Voters Are a Force for Progressive Politics. Can Politicians Keep Up?

Young voters are repelled by the far right, but that doesn't mean they'll always show up for squishy centrists.

Karen Dolan ·

What We're Demanding at the Upcoming Biodiversity Summit

It's time to transform ambition into action, because our lives depend on it.

Agnès Le Rouzic ·

Perhaps Bill Gates Is Not the Best Expert on Hunger in Africa

Gates acknowledges that the world makes enough food to feed everyone, but then goes on to suggest responses to hunger based on low productivity, rather than equitable access.

Janine Jackson ·

Hakeem Jeffries' Foreign Policy Worldview Is Far From Progressive

Despite his trail-blazing role as the first Black leader of a major party's caucus, Jeffries' foreign-policy views don't veer from the status quo.

Connor Echols ·

'Deliberate Ambiguity': Israel's Nuclear Weapons Are Greatest Threat to Middle East

It behooves everyone, Washington included, to join the rest of the world in finally forcing Israel to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty, a first but critical step towards long-delayed accountability.

Ramzy Baroud ·

The Racists Return to Kindergarten

That's the current political rallying cry: Don't make the children uncomfortable! Don't go around telling the truth. It's Marxist, for God's sake.

Robert C. Koehler ·

The Poorest Still Paying the Biggest Price on a Burning Planet

What is the U.N. climate summit but a meeting place where the world's elite have protected their power for 27 years and counting?

Priti Gulati Cox ·

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