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Overturning Roe Would Be an Economic Catastrophe for Women

Abortion rights are economic rights.

Asha Banerjee ·

Our Moral Duty to Rethink 'The Common Defense'

If we continue to live by the bastardized meaning and practice of endless wars and escalating Pentagon budgets, we will get what we pay for, militarized domestic and foreign policies and a society in deepening decay.

Kevin Martin ·

The US War Budget Is Failing Young People

Congress should stand up for Generation Z—and those who come after.

Jena Renae ·

The Energy and Food Crisis Is Far Worse Than Most Americans Realize

Whenever there's an energy crisis, it can quickly become an everything crisis.

Richard Heinberg ·

The Nobody: Name the Plague, Not the Murderer in Buffalo

The biggest problem with naming this nobody is that it will attract others like him, people who sense their own non-existence and want to affirm themselves by seeing their names in print or their picture on television.

Richard Eskow ·

Onslaught of the Oily Authoritarians

The only realistic course is to protect the electoral process despite all its flaws, ensure universal voting rights, and push harder than ever to make this country what it has never been: a multiracial, pluralistic democracy.

Stan Cox ·

It's Tough Times, But Here Are 10 Reasons We Should Have Hope

The struggle never ends. It is hard because it has to be hard—because the fight is about overcoming fundamental imbalances of power, and those with power will not give it up without a fight.

Robert Reich ·

From SCOTUS to Shireen: Same Extremism, Same Threat

We're facing one thing: a struggle over power, and it's not over yet.

Laura Flanders ·

Steps to Encourage Peace in Ukraine

This war could devolve into a nuclear war which could destroy civilization.

Deb Sawyer ·

This Is Not the Culmination of the Right-Wing Legal Movement—It's the Dawn of It.

The unelected hard-right faction now in power on the Court is poised to allow the most restrictive laws possible to be applied to women's bodies while ruling hands-off of regulating corporations whose products are harming our planet.

Lisa Graves ·

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