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Deep-Rooted Gender Inequities Make Women More Vulnerable During Climate Disasters

Women continue to pay the price even in disaster situations.

Nabila Feroz ·

Safe Tap Water Is a Human Right

But from Michigan to Mississippi to Tribal communities in the West, millions of Americans don't have it.

Farrah Hassen ·

The Draconian Silencing of Those Who Call Out 'Israeli Apartheid'

The growing awareness of Israeli apartheid is leading Israel and its supporters to double down on draconian tactics to silence the truth.

Mitchell Plitnick ·

Ron Johnson Stinks

Johnson has spent the last 12 years in Washington as a national embarrassment.

Dave Zweifel ·

Reviving the Child Tax Credit Is a Winning Campaign Message for Democrats This Coming Midterms

The expanded Child Tax Credit was the most impactful anti-poverty program in a generation. Democrats should campaign on bringing it back.

Jim Pugh ·

For Ron DeSantis, 'We're All in This Together'—When It's Convenient for Him

DeSantis is a secessionist of convenience: He scorned federal aid until he needed federal aid.

Leonard Pitts Jr. ·

The Climate Emergency Is Very Much Here. Now We Must Act.

Climate impacts are here today so we need to double down on climate adaptation now.

Andreas Karelas ·

Britain's Senseless Pursuit of Disaster Capitalism

As other nations return to state-led investment, Truss and Kwarteng act to weaken our democracy, economy and rights.

Adam Ramsay ·

Manchin's 'Dirty Deal' Isn't Dead Yet—But We Have Shown It Can Be Killed

Environmental and climate justice movements flexed their growing power in Washington, beating back a dirty environmental deregulation bill—for now.

Basav Sen ·

Humanity's Greatest Challenge: Coming Together to Fight the Climate Emergency

Only compassion and cooperation will lead us out of the dead end of fossil fuels and overconsumption.

John Feffer ·

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