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The Anguished Wails of Jim Crow

Today is very much different from the past. Nowadays, racism has to be covered up with cliches and political correctness and, in particular, white victimhood.

Robert C. Koehler ·

It Sure Looks Like the US Corporate Media Wants a War With Russia

The Biden administration is sorely mistaken if they think the public are in the mood for war with Russia—a nuclear power—over Ukraine.

Margaret Kimberley ·

A Ban on Congressional Stock Trading Is a No-Brainer

This is so obvious it's amazing we even have to debate it.

Robert Reich ·

All Of Us Remain Hostages to the Military-Industrial Complex

As long as tensions are maintained; as long as there is a threat of war, the military-industrial complex gets the money for which it lusts, and the politicians and journalists get their blood money.

John Scales Avery ·

No More Backroom Deals—Let the American People See Who Is Willing to Fight for Them

It's time for lawmakers from both parties to show—with their actions not empty promises—whether or not they are the side of this country's working people.

Bernie Sanders ·

It’s Time for a Global Billionaire and Millionaire Wealth Tax to Save Our Living Planet

The next time you hear someone say it is impossible to solve the climate and biodiversity crises, let them know that the only thing impossible is governments actually acting without massive grassroots pressure.

Simon Whalley ·

Fox News' Favorite Economic Pundit Ain’t Joe Manchin. It's Somebody Even Worse

The fact that at virtually every stage in Larry Summers' career he has often been wrong in judgement and key policy prescriptions, means little to Fox News and the Trump policy team.

Joseph K. Ingram ·

Biden Must Take on Big Pharma Over Cancer Drug That Costs $189,000 Per Year

The medication in question Xtandi—developed with taxpayer dollars and used to treat prostate cancer—costs up to five times more in the U.S. than in Japan, Canada, the U.K., or France.

Ambika Verma ·

What If the Department of Homeland Security Was Aimed at the Nation It Was Created to Protect?

The domestic agency created after the 9/11 attacks to keep this country "secure" has consistently ignored or downplayed the largest threat: far-right, anti-government extremists.

Andrea Mazzarino ·

We Must All Recognize That a War Over Ukraine Is Not the Answer

To put people first, all sides must do everything in their power to deescalate the situation and return to the bargaining table.

Bridget Moix ·

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