Bernie Sanders

Jake Johnson, staff writer
Bernie Sanders
"This is an election between Donald Trump and democracy—and democracy must win."
Common Dreams staff
Public Citizen is hosting a virtual town hall with congressional leaders and progressive advocates fighting for Medicare for All. (Image: Public Citizen)
"How can you watch 12,000,000 people lose healthcare in a pandemic and not...
Julia Conley, staff writer
"Take agency. An election cannot be stolen unless the American people, at some...


Mazel Tov! We made it to Trump’s 1,000th year/ day! What he did: Told Turkey and Syria to fight over sand. Said the friendship of Italy and America goes back thousands of years. Called Pelosi "a third-grade politician." Bragged about his "brilliant" strategy in Syria, where he withdrew 28 troops. Said the 2016 election - spoiler: he "won" - was corrupt. Touted his "very powerful letter" to Erdogan. Boasted, "We're the boss. Just remember that." Holy mother of God, as if we could forget it.