Julia Conley, staff writer
"In normal circumstances, ICE has proven time and again that it is unable to protect the health and safety of detained people. These are not normal circumstances."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
youth leaders outside DNC
" In the last few democratic debates, there has been little to no discussion on...
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
"Asylum seekers face grave danger and irreversible harm every day this depraved policy remains in effect."
"Claiming one emergency after another, the government has recently sought stays...


One year after the Billion Dollar Loser began his barbaric policy of kidnapping migrant children from their parents at the border, lawmakers awoke to an art installation on the Capitol Hill lawn featuring a caged child and an anguished mother reaching out to him. Advocates says its goal is to remind people of the illegally ongoing "reign of terror," assure suffering families "we haven't forgotten them," and warn Trump they won't "until every single one of them is reunited."