Brett Wilkins, staff writer
President Donald Trump has presided over the U.S.-led destruction of cities including Mosul, Iraq—shown here under U.S. bombardment—during his escalation of the so-called "war on terror" in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere. (Photo: Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP/Getty Images)
Critics note the president has increased military spending to record levels while fulfilling his promise to "bomb the shit" out of militants—and their families.
Brett Wilkins, staff writer
U.S. troops in Beckum, Germany learn of Nazi Germany's surrender from reading Stars and Stripes on May 8, 1945. (Photo: U.S. Army/Getty Images)
The slashing of the newspaper's funding, noted one journalist, "was proposed...
Julia Conley, staff writer
The lawmakers said the response they received from the Defense Department about...