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Extreme Weather

Living on a Newly Unrecognizable Planet

The massive storms in Germany, heat domes, and fires that produce their own weather suggest that models of linear progress may no longer be appropriate for storms of this magnitude and intensity.
John Buell ·

Landslides in India Kill 100+ as Monsoon Rains Pummel Nation

"We have been talking about climate change and it is happening," said one of the country's top environmental officials.

Kenny Stancil ·

The Idiocracy of America: Corporate Control Over Public Functions

Our entire political system is designed to let corporate money speak, through campaign contributions and corporate lobbying.

Jeffrey D. Sachs ·

In China, 'Heaviest Rain in 1,000 Years' Triggers Deadly Flooding, Landslides

At least 25 people in the central province of Henan have died and roughly 200,000 residents have been evacuated as of Wednesday.

Kenny Stancil ·

Are We Prepared for Pandora's Box of Climate Catastrophes?

There is still time to avoid the catastrophe we have set in motion, but it is going to take drastic behavior change and huge grassroots pressure on governments to force them to act immediately.

Simon Whalley ·

Bootleg Fire Has Burned Over 364,000 Acres and Is Making Its Own Weather

"Normally the weather predicts what the fire will do," said an Oregon official. "In this case, the fire is predicting what the weather will do."

Jessica Corbett ·

Despite Climate Crisis, Governments Failing to Use Covid Stimulus for Green Recovery

The pandemic offers a perfect opportunity to build back better and accelerate the world's transition to renewables, but only 10% of the $17 trillion global bailout is expected to have a positive environmental impact.

Andy Rowell ·

Oregon's Growing Bootleg Fire is One of 70 Now Raging in US West, Where Another Heatwave Looms

"We are living through a climate catastrophe," said Rep. Jamaal Bowman. "We have to redesign our economy to respond to the current crisis and to ensure it doesn't get much, much worse."

Kenny Stancil ·

Rich Countries Created Climate Crisis Ravaging Island States

As recent disasters have shown, the world’s small island developing states are acutely vulnerable to the ravages of climate change, a problem created almost entirely by rich countries.

Jeffrey D. Sachs ·

Climate Coverage Must Stop Ignoring the World's Poorest

The global poor have been living, and dying, from climate-driven disasters for years—but the mainstream media in richer nations is nowhere to be found.

Saleemul Huq ·

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