Brett Wilkins

Brett Wilkins is editor-at-large for US news at Digital Journal. Based in San Francisco, his work covers issues of social justice, human rights and war and peace.

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Ali Saad Dawabsha was killed when assailants firebombed his home at night Views
Saturday, June 30, 2018
‘Ali is On the Grill’: Israeli Settlers Taunt Family of Palestinian Toddler Murdered in Arson Attack
Around two dozen right-wing Israeli settler youth were recorded on video taunting relatives of Ali Saad Dawabsheh, the 18-month-old Palestinian toddler murdered along with his parents in a July 2015 arson attack. The Times of Israel reports the extremists chanted “Ali is burned, where is Ali, Ali...
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"Such was the case with the more than 100,000 Japanese men, women and children, the vast majority of them US citizens, who were imprisoned in concentration camps during World War II." (Photo: Chronicle file photo, The Chronicle) Views
Thursday, June 21, 2018
What Have We Become? What We Have Always Been
The surreal spectacle of thousands of little children — including toddlers and even infants — torn from their parents’ arms and jailed like animals in cages by US immigration authorities has rightfully shocked the world’s conscience. It has left many Americans asking, “what have we become?” It’s...
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Tuesday, April 03, 2018
Former US-backed Guatemalan Dictator Efraín Ríos Montt Dies Facing Genocide Charges
General Efraín Ríos Montt, the former US-backed Guatemalan dictator on trial for genocide and crimes against humanity for his role during his country’s civil war, has died at age 91. The New York Times reports Rios Montt suffered a fatal heart attack on Sunday in Guatemala City. He had long...
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