Fossil Fuels

Considering current emissions, global temperature is on track to rise by about 3.2°C. As one expert put it, "the G20 is not moving fast enough."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez
"It sets a long-term goal, provides incentives on scaling up zero emission...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
"Nancy Pelosi is bringing a squirt gun to a wildfire."


The over-reaching, over-regulating, money-grubbing feds at OSHA have fined Freedom Industries an exorbitant $11,000 for last January's massive spill of coal cleaning chemicals that left 300,000 West Virginians without safe water, one in five people with health problems and local businesses down about $61 million. Oh yes, and the "clean-up" site is still leaking - twice last month - but Freedom, which has conveniently declared "bankruptcy," says it's only because of "heavy rain" and who could've...