Fossil Fuels

Julia Conley, staff writer
"Looking forward to Democratic candidates describing climate change precisely as 'something short of a literally existential threat' so that they can finally debate the issue in good faith."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
sign: the people vs. shell
With "overwhelming evidence that we are on the brink of climate and ecological...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"They take these actions to protect an establishment that is criminally...


The over-reaching, over-regulating, money-grubbing feds at OSHA have fined Freedom Industries an exorbitant $11,000 for last January's massive spill of coal cleaning chemicals that left 300,000 West Virginians without safe water, one in five people with health problems and local businesses down about $61 million. Oh yes, and the "clean-up" site is still leaking - twice last month - but Freedom, which has conveniently declared "bankruptcy," says it's only because of "heavy rain" and who could've...