Brett Wilkins, staff writer
 Immigrants staged rally and march for immigrants rights and commemorate death from Covid-19 pandemic on Times Square. Protesters demand equal right for undocumented immigrant workers and commemorate death of undocumented immigrants from Covid-19 disease and requested financial relief the same way as citizen received from government. (Photo: Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)
"Today, our work today has been recognized," said one undocumented worker and organizer. "Our dignity has been recognized, and our dignity has been lifted by passing this fund."
Kenny Stancil, staff writer
Workers walk a picket line in front of the Miami Tower as they strike against the building's cleaning contractor, SFM Services, on February 12, 2021 in Miami, Florida. They accuse the company of having unsafe working conditions, low wages, intimidation and retaliation over union organizing efforts. (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
"We need to do better for working people," said one advocate.
Kenny Stancil, staff writer
Cara Stewart, a legal advocate opposing Medicaid work requirements, comforts Pauline Creech in Covington, Kentucky on January 15, 2018. Creech is concerned that, between her disability and her frequent doctor's appointments for cancer treatments, she won't be able to meet the work requirement of 80 hours per month. (Photo: Carolyn Van Houten/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
Policies to "take Medicaid coverage away from people who don't comply with...


At a Funeral For A Home commemorating "the slow decline and gradual rebirth" of a West Philadelphia neighborhood and the lives therein, the Unique Miracle Drill Team marched, the Mt. Olive Baptist Church Choir sang "Precious memories, how they linger," and residents gathered to celebrate the long life of a lone rowhouse and, with its demolition, "return its brick, mortar, wood, and steel back into the earth.” The resurrection-themed communal ceremony, in one of five nationwide neighborhoods...