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Wyden Warns Millions of Poor Families Could Be 'Denied' Child Tax Credit Unless IRS Acts

Without urgent fixes to a shoddy online application portal, Wyden said, many of "America's most vulnerable communities" will not receive the expanded monthly benefit.
Jake Johnson ·

Rich Countries Created Climate Crisis Ravaging Island States

As recent disasters have shown, the world’s small island developing states are acutely vulnerable to the ravages of climate change, a problem created almost entirely by rich countries.

Jeffrey D. Sachs ·

US Concern for Cuba, Latin America Is Spin For Intervention

Any help or aid from the US always comes with conditions and ulterior motives.

Tamara Pearson ·

Top Biden Aide Under Fire for Blaming Poor for Not Receiving Relief Checks

Gene Sperling's disparagement of "this population of parents" came as the White House launched a child tax credit program that experts warn will exclude millions of the poorest families due to basic design flaws.

Jake Johnson ·

'A Truly Shameful Day': UK Government Condemned for Slashing Global Aid During Pandemic

"Children will die as a result," said U.K.-based group Save the Children.

Julia Conley ·

Progressive Backlash to 'Billionaire Blastoff' Highlights Inequality on Earth

"Nothing says tax the rich like a space race between billionaires," quipped former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

Brett Wilkins ·

The Disability Revolution We All Need

Whether we're talking about righting the wrongs of poverty, patriarchy, racism, or lack of care, affirmative conduct may be required.

Laura Flanders ·

Oxfam Report Shows 11 People Are Dying of Hunger Every Minute—Outpacing Covid Fatalities

"To prevent unnecessary deaths and millions more people being pushed to extreme poverty and hunger, governments... must simultaneously build fairer and more sustainable food systems and support social protection programs."

Brett Wilkins ·

America's Drug Wars: Fifty Years of Reinforcing Racism

As of 2019, this country's prisons remained overcrowded with 430,900 people convicted of drug crimes, while drug offenders represented 46% of all those in federal penitentiaries.

Alfred W. McCoy ·

'Program Integrity' Is a Cruel Attack on Social Security Beneficiaries

SSA must return to its roots, to its core mission of helping everyone get the benefits for which they are eligible.

Nancy J. Altman ·

Living a Dignified Life Shouldn't Depend on Luck

I grew up poor and undocumented. Here's what I've learned.

Adriana Cadena ·

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