War & Peace

Brett Wilkins, staff writer
A view of the unlawful Israeli settlement of Givat Zeev in the illegally occupied West Bank of Palestine. (Photo: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP via Getty Images)
The groups said that the previous administration's order "runs counter to the Biden administration's policy of opposing settlement activity and unilateral annexation of territory."
Brett Wilkins, staff writer
Lawrence Ferlinghetti in City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco in 1977. (Photo: Janet Fries/Getty Images)
"Lawrence Ferlinghetti kicked open the door to free up publishing in this...
Brett Wilkins, staff writer
Sister Dianna Ortiz, torture survivor turned human rights champion, died Friday February 19, 2021. (Photo: AP/YouTube screen grab)
"Dianna walked through the very worst of hell and came out with love... Her...


This week brought harrowing proof of the racism still befouling American "criminal justice": Long after the fact, we find Colorado police had no reason to stop, never mind kill, Elijah McClain; a New York grand jury declined to bring charges against seven cops for killing Daniel Prude for being mentally ill; Ahmaud Arbery's mother sued three thugs who killed her son for jogging while black and the cops who covered it up. Each time, activists say, "The system did exactly what it was meant to do.”

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