War & Peace

Eoin Higgins, staff writer
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, pictured in Beijing, China in November 2018, called on the world Sunday to watch neighboring India's right-wing tilt.
Indian PM Narendra Modi reportedly rejected the comparison in a Monday phone conversation with US President Donald Trump
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
People take part in a demonstration as part of the campaign "Stop Killer Robots" organised by German NGO "Facing Finance" to ban what they call killer robots on March 21, 2019 in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
Without a binding treaty requiring "meaningful human control over the use of...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Perfectly illustrates the U.S. trying to impose its domestic laws on the rest...


Despite much-hyped threats of murder and mayhem, the weekend's arrival in Portland OR of a few hundred neo-Nazi Proud Boys met with far more antifa and other defiantly mellow protesters - cue dancing unicorns and marching bananas - a huge police presence, and a quick escape in mini-buses. The day's hero: the guy who waded into a toxic sea of MAGA hats to pointedly declaim "Fuck you" to each loser before absolving one of their dogs with a gracious, "You're cool."

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