War & Peace

Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Harry Belafonte, seen here in 2010, said Friday that Hitler-like times are "not too far from our door." (Photo:  The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights/flickr/cc)
Legendary artist and activist says "the nation is at the crossroads of probably our most challenging moment in history."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
The Air Force's steps to prepare nuke-armed bombers to "take off at a moment's...
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Trump "has promised that he will have our backs," says CIA head


Cognitive Dissonance 101. Hours after her sick bully of a husband bullied a pregnant Gold Star widow, Melania traveled to Michigan with Betsy DeVos - currently bullying children with disabilities - to speak out against bullying. In an excruciatingly robotic appearance, the "FLOTUS" urged kids be taught "the values of empathy and communication (at) the core of kindness, mindfulness, integrity, and leadership." It did not go well.