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UN Demands Demilitarized Zone After Latest Zaporizhzhia Shelling

The head of the IAEA warned the forces responsible for the strikes at the largest nuclear plant in Europe are "playing with fire."

Julia Conley ·

Decrying 'Horrible Madness of War,' Irish MEPs Call for Diplomacy in Ukraine

"Most people seem to get off on the fact that it's escalating," said socialist MEP Clare Daly, who condemned the E.U. for doing nothing to prevent Russia's war from becoming "a wider horror."

Jake Johnson ·

'Don't Look Away': Tlaib Ties Death of 7-Year-Old Palestinian to US Aid to Israel

"$3.8 billion+ of our money is funding this. Enough. It must stop."

Jessica Corbett ·

'Dangerous Escalation': Putin Condemned Over Illegal Annexation of Ukraine Territories

"Now more than ever," said U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres, "we must work together to end this devastating and senseless war."

Kenny Stancil ·

Corporate Media Mostly Mum as US Strikes Kill at Least 20 in Somalia

"This is a completely under-the-radar news story, one that was curiously absent from the headlines in all of the major newspapers this morning," wrote one expert after the latest U.S. strike on Somalia.

Brett Wilkins ·

Anti-War Veterans Group Asks Biden to 'Read Our Nuclear Posture Review Before Releasing Yours'

"Are you willing to risk a civilization-ending apocalypse by playing nuclear chicken with other nuclear-armed nations? Or will you lead us toward a planet that is free of nuclear weapons?"

Jessica Corbett ·

China Cuts Off Military, Climate Ties With US Over 'Egregious Provocation' by Pelosi

"Way to go, ⁦Speaker Pelosi," said one critic. "Your visit to Taiwan really helped global cooperation on critical issues like the environment. Not."

Jon Queally ·

Human Rights Watch to US: Stop Selling Weapons to SaudisbrettJul 15, 2022
Saudi US arms
"Renewing U.S. offensive weapons sales to Saudi Arabia would further undermine Biden's promise to prioritize human rights in U.S. relations with the country."

Sanders Unveils Resolution to End US Support for 'Catastrophic' Saudi-Led War in Yemen

"Congress abdicated its constitutional powers and failed to prevent our country from involving itself in this crisis," said Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a lead co-sponsor with Sen. Patrick Leahy.

Jessica Corbett ·

Russian Officials Must Be Held to Account for Documented War Crimes: Amnesty

"It is vital that all those responsible, including up the chain of command, are brought to justice," said the group.

Julia Conley ·

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