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Heroes or Parasites: Europe's Self-Serving Politics on Refugees

Instead of developing a unified global strategy that places the welfare of the refugees of these conflicts as a top priority, many countries ignored them altogether, blamed them for their own misery and, at times, treated them as if they were criminals and outlaws.

Ramzy Baroud ·

'A Huge Deal': Amazon, Google Workers Demand Companies Sever Ties With Israeli Military

"We cannot look the other way as the products we build are used to deny Palestinians their basic rights, force Palestinians out of their homes, and attack Palestinians in the Gaza Strip."

Kenny Stancil ·

Life in the Post-9/11 Military: A Navy Wife's Perspective

Over the last decade, I've felt as if the tiny community of discontented, activist-minded spouses I've associated with and the mob-like structures of the military conformists who eternally try to rope us in or dismiss us seemed to recreate post-9/11 America in a microcosm.

Andrea Mazzarino ·

US Must Stop Backing Regimes That Displace Indigenous Peoples From Their Homelands

Many would-be migrants, like the Garifuna, would love nothing more than to stay in our homes. It’s Washington that's making it difficult.

Miriam Miranda ·

Imagine a World With US-China Cooperation

Working together, they could exercise enormous influence in world affairs.

Lawrence Wittner ·

Geopolitical Earthquakes Increase the Danger of Catastrophic War

We face a classical Thucydides Trap between rising and declining powers that too many times in history has climaxed in catastrophic wars. But now the stakes are existential.

Joseph Gerson ·

Failure Is Untenable: We Must Avert Afghanistan's Economic and Food Crises

The Taliban's cruelties are horrendous, but withholding international support and maintaining blanket sanctions will only hurt the long-suffering Afghan people.

John Sifton ·

Saudi Arabia Accused of Sabotaging UN Probe of War Crimes in Yemen

"The council turned its back on victims, bowed to pressure from the Saudi-led coalition, and put politics before principle."

Andrea Germanos ·

As CBO Shows How to Cut $1 Trillion From Pentagon, Progressives Urge Spending on 'True Security'

"Saving a trillion dollars that could be devoted to preventing pandemics, addressing climate change, or reducing racial and economic injustice is no small matter."

Brett Wilkins ·

War, Torture, and Mass Death: On the US Refusal to Apologize for Its Post-9/11 Carnage

No accountability. No apologies. It's the American way.

Karen Greenberg ·

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