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In Pre-Sentencing Letter, Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Says Crisis of Conscience Motivated Leak

"I came to believe that the policy of drone assassination was being used to mislead the public that it keeps us safe... I began to speak out, believing my participation in the drone program to have been deeply wrong."
Brett Wilkins ·

"Roof Knocking" in Gaza and the Myth of the Benevolent Drone

The illusion that war can be made safer and the control of repressed people made kinder through the use of drones only makes war and repression more likely and spawns a cycle of violence that is even more intractable.

Brian Terrell ·

Art Against Drones

Bilal, Durant and other artists who help us think about U.S. colonial warfare against the people of Iraq and other nations should surely be thanked.

Kathy Kelly ·

Biden's Drone Wars

Talk of peace in Afghanistan, Yemen, the streets of the U.S., is not coherent while waging wars with drones.

Brian Terrell ·

As Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Pleads Guilty, Advocates Warn of 'Profound Threat' to Free Press

"Using the Espionage Act in this way to prosecute journalists' sources as spies chills newsgathering and discourages sources from coming forward with information in the public interest."

Brett Wilkins ·

Holding Our Breaths on AUMFs, Drones, and Guantánamo

Three ways to begin to end the war on terror.

Karen Greenberg ·

Will Drones Really Protect Us?

Drugs, surveillance & the war on terror.

Maya Evans ·

'Death Falling From the Sky': Report Spotlights Civilian Harm From US Drone Strikes in Yemen

"The United States is failing to investigate credible allegations of violations, to hold individuals responsible for violations accountable, and to provide prompt and adequate reparation."

Brett Wilkins ·

The Bloody Truth About Drones: We Need an International Convention on Drones

Drones are neither as cheap, targeted, or bloodless as advertised. They're ripe for international arms control. 

Conn Hallinan ·

ACLU to Biden: Do Not 'Review' Drone Killing Program—End It Once and for All

"Tinkering with the bureaucracy of this extrajudicial killing program will only entrench American abuses," said the group's national security expert.

Kenny Stancil ·

Ending the Other War in Yemen

The global proliferation of weaponized drones is no surprise and Biden’s plea for peace in Yemen that allows for their continued use is a hollow one.

Brian Terrell ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.