Andrea Germanos, staff writer
A demonstrator holds a placard reading "time is running out" during a global youth climate action strike in Barcelona, on September 27, 2019 at the end of a global climate change week.
"We still need far more serious measures to make a difference—we need structural change."
Lisa Newcomb, staff writer
The formation was the final survivor of its kind in the nation's Arctic
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Activists with Insure Our Future gathered outside Liberty Mutual's Boston and Seattle offices in December 2019 to demand the insure company "take bold action in the face of the climate emergency and stop insuring fossil fuels."
"Now is the time to decisively say no to this destructive project."


Coinciding with the news New York's A.G. is suing to dissolve the mass-murdering NRA - "thoughts and prayers" - March For Our Lives has launched their first TV ad, on Fox yet. Facing an election where for the first time younger and/or darker voters will make up a third of the electorate - and targeting those voters in nine swing states - the devastating ad portrays America's often-racist gun violence before pivoting to warn those in power, "Yo ung people will determine the nation's future."

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