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Kids Born Near Fracking Sites 2-3 Times More Likely to Develop Leukemia: Study

Exposure to fracking and its effects is "a major public health concern," said a study co-author.

Kenny Stancil ·

Don't Weaken the Climate Deal With Gift to Big Oil

'Permitting Reform': The American Petroleum Institute (API) leaked a summary of their plan and draft bill text.

Raúl Grijalva ·

Coming Together to Save Earth Could Be the Best Project Ever Undertaken by the Human Species

A redistribution of wealth and localization of power can only come through bottom-up initiatives in which individual leaders see their work connecting with others as part of a larger transformation.

David Korten ·

Amid Warnings of 'Catastrophic Collapse,' Feds Cut Colorado River Water Use in Arizona, Nevada

"Nothing has changed with today's news," said one conservationist, "except for the fact that the Colorado River system keeps crashing."

Brett Wilkins ·

Despite Boiling Planet, Big Oil Keeps Humanity on Path of Climate Catastrophe

As bad as things may be now, if we do not act, then our climate emergency is going to get much worse.

Andy Rowell ·

Can Transformative Change Come to America?

Perhaps sooner than most think, major legislative action regulating greenhouse gas emissions will finally be possible. But that moment will not arrive without deep struggle, organizing, and collective persistence.

James Gustave Speth ·

'We Will Vote This Dirty Deal Down,' Tlaib Says of Manchin's Oil-Friendly Side Agreement

"We sure as hell don't owe Joe Manchin anything now," said the Michigan progressive.

Jake Johnson ·

Marine Life Defenders Say UN Talks 'Last Chance' for Global Ocean Treaty

Because the high seas "don't 'belong' to anyone, they have been treated recklessly with impunity," said one campaigner, arguing that "nobody's waters" must become "everyone's responsibility."

Jessica Corbett ·

This Time the Collapse Will Be Global

The archeological remains of past civilizations, including those of the prehistoric Cahokia temple mound complex in Illinois, are sobering reminders of our fate.

Chris Hedges ·

This Is No Time for Climate Complacency

In a world burning up, people are striving for systemic change—even against the longest of odds.

Stan Cox ·

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