Jon Queally, staff writer
"We need better guidelines for glyphosate use, especially regarding bee exposure, because right now the guidelines assume bees are not harmed by the herbicide. Our study shows that's not true."
Jon Queally, staff writer
"What this study shows is that, in essence, customers are paying extra to put...
Democracy Now!
Naomi Klein on Democracy Now! (Photo: Screenshot)
"I don't think we should be surprised Donald Trump is denying hard reality…...


Between awaiting the next Kavanaugh implosion and contemplating the sorry spectacle of the world laughing at Dear Clown Leader, see this election season's most brutal ad, wherein six siblings of racist, birther, wingnut Nazi fan-boy Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar urge his constituents to vote for his Democratic opponent, not their scumbag brother. In the ad, "A Family Defends Its Honor," they eloquently argue, "Paul Gosar is not working for you." Formidable. We wish them well this Thanksgiving.