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Latest 'Green on Blue' Attack Leaves Two Dead in Afghanistan

Killings on Friday are lates in series of ongoing and increasing attacks by Afghan forces on occupation troops

- Common Dreams staff

In the sixth "green on blue" incident in two weeks, two U.S. soldiers were killed southwestern Afghanistan by a supposed Afghan ally on Friday.

Two NATO troops were killed on Friday, the latest in a series of increasing "green on blue" attacks. As The Telegraph describes the incident, "A newly recruited member of the Afghan Local Police, a village defence force trained by international forces, opened fire in Farah province when he was given a weapon for a training session. American and Afghan forces shot back and killed him."

In a second "green on blue" attack on Friday, a member of the Afghan security forces shot at two and wounded two NATO service members.

News agencies report that at least 36 members of NATO's occupying force have been killed by Afghan security forces this year.


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