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'This Has to Stop': Palestinian Rights Advocates Condemn Antisemitic Incidents in US

Those committing such attacks, said one Palestinian-American writer and activist, "are not in solidarity with Palestinians, they are in solidarity with racism, a force we suffer from."
Julia Conley ·

Christians as Dangerous Good Samaritans

Honest Christians must unapologetically assert that Jesus’s message is totally at odds with society's dominant culture. 

Gary Olson ·

The True Meaning of Christmas in the Age of Pandemic and Austerity

With the pandemic raging and millions unemployed, this Christmas will witness tears among the smiles.

Jesse Jackson ·

In 'Big Win for Religious Freedom,' US Supreme Court Rules Muslims Put on No-Fly List Can Sue FBI

"For decades now, government surveillance and anti-Muslim policies have been an unavoidable fact of life for American Muslims. Because of this ruling, American Muslims now know that they can speak out and fight back in court against injustice."

Kenny Stancil ·

'Deliberately Distorting' Reasoning for Limiting Large Religious Gatherings, SCOTUS Rules Against New York State's Restrictions

"Free religious exercise is one of our most treasured and jealously guarded constitutional rights," Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote in her dissent. "But those principles are not at stake today."

Julia Conley ·

'Huge News': Nearly Four Dozen Faith Institutions Announce Divestment From Fossil Fuels

"While government leaders cling to the economic models of yesterday, faith leaders are looking ahead to the energy future we share."

Julia Conley ·

The Socialist Preacher

"Socialism, or something like it, is the settled conclusion of a society that values democracy."

Fran Quigley ·

Pope Francis Signals 'Historic' Shift for Catholic Church, Publicly Supporting Civil Unions for Same-Sex Couples

The pope won praise for "pushing the Church into the 21st Century."

Julia Conley ·

The Man Who Would Be President: Mike Pence, Corporate Theocrat

The case of Mike Pence should be an ongoing urgent reminder that—as toxic and truly evil as Donald Trump is—the current president is a product and poisonous symptom of an inherently unjust and anti-democratic status quo.

Norman Solomon ·

Trump’s Barrett Nomination Another Step Toward Christian Fascism

All fascist and totalitarian movements paper over their squalid belief systems with the veneer of morality.

Chris Hedges ·

Amy Coney Barrett Is Not Qualified to Be a Supreme Court Justice

Barrett acknowledges she applies a "religious test" to every legal decision. Her legal philosophy should disqualify her.

Alan Singer ·

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