Nika Knight, staff writer
A sign held up at the January 21st Women's March in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Most Americans don't want Elmo to get fired . They also don't want enormous funding cuts to medical research, after-school and summer programs, new road and transit projects, climate change research, and a program to help low income people heat their homes. Those cuts—and many more—comprise the "morally obscene" budget put together by the Trump...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, youth plaintiff, leads a youth rally on the west steps of the Colorado Capitol Building on February 20, 2017 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo: Helen Richardson/ Denver Post)
A group of Colorado teenagers scored a " huge " victory against the state's...
Nika Knight, staff writer
2014 Keystone XL protest
Nearly ten years after pipeline company TransCanada first applied for a State...


Though he gets the appeal of free snow cones and penguins, John Oliver is more worried about the environmental impact of an estimated 40,000 eager tourists a year traipsing to and inevitably trashing Antarctica. His solution: A hilarious anti-tourism PSA.