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On 'Conflict', 'Peace' and 'Genocide': Time for New Language on Palestine and Israel

Without proper, accurate and courageous understanding and depiction of Israeli settler colonialism and Palestinian resistance to it, Israel will continue to oppress Palestinians while presenting itself as the victim.
Ramzy Baroud ·

Critics Call Upcoming Pentagon Visit by Indonesian Defense Minister—Accused of Horrific Atrocities—a 'Human Rights Catastrophe'

Prabowo Subianto—who led a notorious commando unit implicated in genocidal violence—was invited to Washington by Defense Secretary Mark Esper. 

Brett Wilkins, staff writer ·

It's Past Time to Abolish Columbus Day and Establish Indigenous Peoples' Day in the United States

The holiday is a monument to white supremacy, and it’s time we abolished it.

Edgar Villanueva ·

Trump "Never Noticed" a Modern-Day American Genocide

It appears Trump is trying to spread the virus as far and wide as possible.

Thom Hartmann ·

Lawmakers Demand Probe into 'Horrifying' Allegations of Neglect, Mass Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Center

"These allegations are part of a larger pattern of reproductive injustices conducted by ICE officials."

Lisa Newcomb, staff writer ·

'Forced Sterilization Is Genocide': Rights Groups Condemn ICE Amid Whistleblower's Allegations of Unwarranted Hysterectomies

The complaint alleges numerous health and safety violations in regards to Covid-19 in addition a disturbing number of procedures performed on detained women.

Lisa Newcomb, staff writer ·

Is Trump a Murderer?

The Woodward tapes provide the evidence: the president committed political genocide.

Mike Lofgren ·

We’re So Certain of Our Colonialist Selves That We’re Destroying Our Own Planet

The global movement to end racism must turn its attention to the world’s most vulnerable cultures—the indigenous people of Planet Earth—who are still enduring the forces of colonial genocide.

Robert C. Koehler ·

The Racist Underpinnings of the American Way of War

The deadly interplay of racism, genocide, and denial at the heart of American white society has been reproduced in the country’s wars.

Walden Bello ·

Native Americans Wage War Against New Virus and a 400-year Disease of Bias, Ignorance

"We’re helping other nations with billions in aid, and the Navajo are still waiting on aid."

Will Bunch ·

An Army of Humanity to Fight Crimes Against Humanity

A UNRDF would give individual citizens all around the world the ability to volunteer to do more than just “serve their countries.” It would give them the opportunity to serve humanity.

Tad Daley ·