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India and Nepal's New 'Wildlife-Friendly' Infrastructure Rules Ignore Birds

"Important bird habitats should be avoided during the development of roads, dams, canals, and railway lines. But if doing so isn’t possible, mitigation measures should be adopted to minimize the impacts on biodiversity."
Abhaya Raj Joshi ·

After Biden Signs Bipartisan Bill, Progressives Demand Swift Passage of Build Back Better

"If Biden is concerned at all about the future of our country, or at the very least voter turnout in 2022, he must pass Build Back Better immediately," said the Sunrise Movement.

Julia Conley ·

American's Very Big (Water) Drinking Problem

With state and local governments under increasing financial pressure, the funding shortfall for modernizing the water infrastructure could reach a staggering $434 billion by 2029.

Rajan Menon ·

CBO's Exclusion of IRS Boost Could Help Right-Wing Dems Tank Biden Agenda

"The CBO score is not going to 'cost out' because CBO is not allowed by rule to say that giving the IRS a bunch of money will lead to better tax collection," said one critic. "If you think that's insane you're right!"

Kenny Stancil ·

Hundreds of Groups Reject Greenwashing of Destructive Hydropower Industry at COP26

"As the world confronts the climate crisis, mass biodiversity loss, water scarcity, and the pandemic, we need to move beyond business-as-usual approaches like hydropower to deliver real solutions."

Jessica Corbett ·

'Foolishness': House Passes Infrastructure Bill But Postpones Build Back Better Act

"Passing the infrastructure bill without passing the Build Back Better Act first," said Rep. Ilhan Omar, "risks leaving behind child care, paid leave, healthcare, climate action, housing, education, and a roadmap to citizenship."

Kenny Stancil ·

'Manchin Is a F**king Snake': Progressives Urged to Keep Pushing for Both Bills

Jayapal says she is "letting the president" deal with Manchin after he declares that holding the infrastructure legislation "hostage" won't win his support for the reconciliation package.

Jessica Corbett ·

Pelosi Delays Infrastructure Vote as Progressives Refuse to Budge Without Build Back Better Act

"House Progressives have once again demonstrated what effective collective power can do if we stay united in our fight for transformative policies for the American people."

Jenna McGuire ·

Pelosi and Hoyer to Progressives: Just Pretend Democrats Are Winning (Even If Corporate Lobbyists Are)

"If we don't act like we are winning, the American people won't believe it either," advised House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

Jon Queally ·

5 Ways to Tax Wealth to Pay for the Build Back Better Agenda

Proposals in play to pay for the ambitious public investment plan could help reverse skyrocketing wealth inequality.

Sarah Anderson ·

The Unconscionable Hypocrisy of the Federal Spending Debate

Why is it controversial to spend on social programs but not the Pentagon? Or to subsidize the poor but not the rich?

Sister Karen M. Donahue ·

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