Jake Johnson, staff writer
"As always," noted one critic, the price of Trump's decision will be paid by Palestinians, "who have been sold out by U.S. support for Israeli occupation and apartheid for more than 70 years."
Julia Conley, staff writer
Many families in the Gaza Strip are living with no electricity or only a couple of hours of power per day, making conditions stifling at home. Households also lack clean drinking water and fresh food because of poor infrastructure and the energy crisis.
"We shouldn't have to be demanding such a basic service as electricity for the...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Palestinians pray outside the Old City
Thousands of Palestinians and Israeli forces clashed Friday during protests...


Job-like, Gazans get yet more bad news: Even as they squat in rubble and tents battling to keep their children alive - a fifth just froze to death - amidst cold, wet, wind, and food, fuel and power shortages, U.N. officials say a program to rebuild over 100,000 destroyed homes will end this month because ignoble world donors oblivious to their fate have reneged on funding promises. With a heartrending plea from those forgotten in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon: "We are slowly dying here."