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Benjamin Netanyahu

Constantly on the Verge of Collapse: How Palestinians Became a Factor in Israeli Politics

Israel is now facing the dilemma of either ignoring this new Palestinian factor, at its own peril, or accepting the inescapable fact that Israel can never enjoy stability while Palestinians remain occupied, confined, and oppressed.
Ramzy Baroud ·

Palestine's Moment: Despite Massive Losses, Palestinians Have Altered the Course of History

This is the first time that Israel is forced to accept that the rules of the game have changed, likely forever.

Ramzy Baroud ·

Progressives Are Also Right About Foreign Policy

America cannot lead the world in embracing multiracial democracy and rejecting authoritarianism, while also condoning the actions of Netanyahu and the Saudis and launching military strikes wherever it wants.

Perry Bacon Jr. ·

Israel's Assault on Gaza by Bomb, Then Slow Strangulation

The risk to Gaza now is the risk of our disengagement before we have brought down the walls. That is the task; nothing less. This time, Gaza must go free.

Marilyn Garson ·

As Palestinians Unite, Israel Is More Divided Than Ever

The current offensive against Gaza has been described as the worst Israeli military operation ever, while cracks have emerged between the government and police.

Shir Hever ·

Biden: End Your Co-Belligerent Backing of Israeli War Crimes

"To know about what is happening daily, you do not need to rely on the evidence compiled by the U.S. mainstream media... just take it from the Israeli media and Israelis themselves."

Ralph Nader ·

The Biggest Threat to Israel Is the Occupation

Netanyahu says, "We must live by the sword"—but he's never tried alternatives.

Michael Winship ·

Joe Biden's Hit and Run on the Palestinian People

Palestinian grandmothers living under Israeli occupation don't need Biden’s prayers; they need his intervention.

Amy Goodman ·

'End the Occupation': Progressives Say Cease-Fire Far From Enough to Secure Justice for Palestinians

Rep. Ilhan Omar said the U.S. government must "stop underwriting crimes against humanity while doing nothing to end the occupation."

Jake Johnson ·

State Terrorism as Public Relations

This is the mainstream definition of self-defense: provoking the nobodies, then pounding them back into submission.

Robert C. Koehler ·

WHO Calls for 'Humanitarian Pause' to Provide Gaza With Much-Needed Assistance

"The severity of injuries is straining an already overwhelmed health system that is facing critical shortages of essential medicines and supplies while also battling the Covid-19 pandemic."

Jessica Corbett ·

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