Lauren McCauley, staff writer
(Image: DonkeyHotey/cc/flickr)
'It feels like we're going back 50 years in time,' one protester said of state-sanctioned discrimination
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
The crowd outside New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's Manhattan office as parents, teachers, and students rallied for public education. (Photo: United Federation of Teachers/ Facebook)
"Wall Street got a bailout. Public schools were sold out," was the message as...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Calls for peace and diplomacy in Yemen continue to fall on deaf ears as a Saudi...


How do we love Iceland? Let us count the ways: It's the most peaceful country in the world. It has no army. It has few rich or poor, with a vast middle class. It has free health care and education, strict gun control and geothermal energy. It was a key supporter of Wikileaks. It has almost no murder. In 2013 it saw its first police killing, ever, and people trust the Coast Guard and police more than any public body. Reykjavik police's Instagram account shows why: This sure ain't Ferguson.