Lauren McCauley, staff writer
(Image: DonkeyHotey/cc/flickr)
'It feels like we're going back 50 years in time,' one protester said of state-sanctioned discrimination
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
The crowd outside New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's Manhattan office as parents, teachers, and students rallied for public education. (Photo: United Federation of Teachers/ Facebook)
"Wall Street got a bailout. Public schools were sold out," was the message as...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Calls for peace and diplomacy in Yemen continue to fall on deaf ears as a Saudi...


Bravo to activist and scholar Phyllis Bennis, who at a conference on the George Bush Presidency declared - bluntly, calmly, hedging no bets - Bush a war criminal. Bennis said the criminality of Iraq and Afghanistan lay both in the way those wars were conducted, and in their very existence as wars of aggression - deemed by the Nuremberg trials "the supreme international crime." Thus, the legacy of Bush "is going to be that of a war criminal." From a painful past, a breath of fresh truthful air.