US Senate

Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Sinema is arguably the single member of Congress who is carrying the most water for the telecom industry right now and standing in the way of restoring basic net neutrality protections."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"It's not for ordinary Americans, it's for the rich and powerful, and we have...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"The public deserves to know the truth about whether Kavanaugh lied under oath...


Another day, another act of egregious misogyny by a boorish douchebag drunk on power: At a presser for his "new" not-NAFTA deal much like the old one he trashed, President-I-Just-Keep-Becoming-A-Worse-Asshole bullied and belittled two women journalists asking about Kavanaugh - ie doing their tough job - after which he defended the "drinking problem" Boofer Brett never admitted to. As he insulted the women - the soundtrack of our lives - his army of enabling, entitled goons dutifully chuckled.