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Rallying for Summer Lee, Sanders Rips AIPAC for Trying to 'Buy Elections'

"Talk about a corrupt political system," said Sen. Bernie Sanders. "And that is why Summer and so many of us are going to do everything that we can to put these super PACs out of business."

Jake Johnson ·

'Time for Citizens United to Go': US Oligarchs Poured $1.2 Billion Into 2020 Elections

The figure represents a 39-fold increase compared to spending in 2010, the first election held after the widely decried ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Jake Johnson ·

What I'm Getting the American Oligarchs This Year for Christmas

For America's CEOs, my gift is a beautifully boxed, brand-new set of corporate ethics.

Jim Hightower ·

Nina Turner’s Loss Is Oligarchy’s Gain

Turner's defeat is a victory for an array of wealthy individuals and corporations alarmed at her willingness to challenge such corporate powerhouses as Big Pharma, insurance firms and the fossil-fuel industry.

Norman Solomon ·

"Business as Usual! Business as Usual!" Chants the Oligarchy as the World Burns

On this fire season, the last one, and the fire seasons to come.

Hank Edson ·

Watch: Sanders, Warren, Moore Headline National Town Hall on Inequality and Oligarchy

"We need to ask the hard questions that the corporate media fails to ask: who owns America, and who has the political power? Why, in the richest country in the history of the world are so many Americans living in poverty?"

Jon Queally ·

We Can Reimagine and Reinvent Our Society in 2018

Let’s say goodbye to top-down revolutions and embrace grassroots action.

Sarah van Gelder ·

The Apprentice, Trump's Celebrity Presidency, and the Road to American Fascism

The reality-show he starred in was critical to Trump's political success. It was a vehicle for rescuing his brand from a series of business failures; and it was the means through which he presented himself, on a mass scale, as an executive and dealmaker-in-chief.

Heather Gautney ·

High-Tech Billionaires Won't Save Humanity

But who will save us from them?

Jim Hightower ·

The Ruling Class Broke the Railway Strike—Because That's What It Means to Be the Ruling Class

The expedited legislation passed by Congress to avert a strike by railroad unions dealt one more blow in the decades long war waged by the two ruling parties against the working class.

Chris Hedges ·

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