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We Must Abandon Our Climate Delusions

We all think that climate change is somebody else's problem. We have to be persuaded otherwise.

John Feffer ·

COP Is Dead. Long Live the Movement!

COP is an organization of global capitalist plans for the intensification of exploitation. It needs to be dead to us, as our presence there legitimizes a process that is simultaneously against us and against the planet.

João Camargo ·

A Major Copout: COP26 and the Infrastructure Bill Show the Slow Limits of "Moderate" Change

The commitment to fight climate change is for the capitalist class and their political representatives a "green" investment possibility.

Peter Bloom ·

Drill, Baby, Drill: Capitalism's Only Plan for Climate Is Collapse

If we continue not acting against the real cause of the climate crisis—the capitalist mode of production and the capitalist worldview—they will take it as a social license to carry on with collapse.

João Camargo ·

The Cruelest Form of Capitalism in the World

Wealth inequality is worse than it has been in a century—and it has contributed to a vicious political-economic cycle in which taxes are cut on the top, resulting in even more concentration of wealth.

Robert Reich ·

Threadbare US Social Safety Net: The War on Science, Medicine, and Equality for All

Across the nation, elected Republicans at every level of government display a callous disregard for the health and lives of the American people, sowing disinformation and resistance to public health efforts to contain and defeat the pandemic.

Mark Harris ·

A World Without Money

Climate change and environmental destruction will prevail as long as money prevails as the god that national leaders (and almost all the rest of us) worship, or don’t know how not to worship.

Robert C. Koehler ·

The Limits of Economic Growth and the Climate Crisis

If economic growth ushered in this era of climate change, how can economic growth also be part of the solution?

John Feffer ·

Collapse Total: New Tactics and Strategies for the Climate Justice Movement

The social alliance to take on global capitalism must be global, radical, popular, tactically, and strategically focused, while at the same time flexible and imaginative.

João Camargo ·

Bolivian President Warns 'Carbon Colonialism' Won't Solve Climate Crisis

"The solution," said Luis Arce at COP26, "is to change the model of civilization and move towards an alternative model to capitalism, the concept of living well together in harmony with Mother Earth."

Brett Wilkins ·

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