Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Bomb Everyone Muslim, Even If They Did Invent Algebra
Our perpetual war grows ever more appalling, with U.S. airstrikes against ISIS costing over $1 billion a month even as a mounting consensus finds those strikes politically and morally indefensible. With Obama now having bombed seven Muslim countries in the name of a "moral imperative," many Muslims feel caught in the middle. Some have declared #Not In My Name. Others are rejecting collective guilt with wry #Muslimapologies: "Sorry for saying may peace be upon you every time we greet someone."
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Monday, September 29, 2014
Soldier's Heart: Jacob George's Sorrowful Ride Till the End
Oh so heartbreaking to hear of the suicide - or death from moral injuries - of Jacob George, 32-year-old farmer, musician, activist and veteran of three tours of Afghanistan who came home shattered by post-traumatic horror he insisted was not a disorder but a basic human response to the inhumanity of war. George fought hard to heal - riding his bike 8,000 miles to sing and speak, seeking peace with comrades and Afghans, and on his best day hurling medals back to the generals who broke him.
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We've Made Children Fear Blue Sky
In the face of a largely silent media on the deadly subject of U.S. drone strikes - for news on the latest, go to Iranian TV - John Oliver eviscerates an Obama administration program that continues killing people even though officials can't or won't tell us who, why, where, how many, or under what rules that in any case boast legal loopholes so vast you can fly a drone through them. Which, tragically, they are.
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Friday, September 26, 2014
Colorado's Little Rebels: Thoreau and Zinn For Everyone
Proving "no one calls bullshit like kids call bullshit" - and using social media to bolster their argument that, "The cornerstone of any democracy is the free expression of dissenting opinion" - Colorado high school students aren't buying a right-wing move to censor their history classes so America comes out all clean and shiny. With over a thousand students staging protests and key new support, kids have expanded their actions to insist that history is the good, the bad, and the tumultuous.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Baby, We Are Going To Fight
Among the U.N. Climate Summit's righteous speeches and vague promises - and Obama's "nothingburger in place of a respectable climate plan" - came a thunderous poem from 26-year-old Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner of the Marshall Islands, whose low-lying islands are already fighting for survival. If Jetnil-Kijiner's "Dear Matafele Peinem," addressed to her seven-month-old daughter, can't move leaders to actually act, nothing can.
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Prepare the Child For the Path: Banning Charlotte's Web and Native Son
Just in time for Banned Books Week, the wise elders of Texas have yanked from schools several terrific, Pulitzer-and-Nobel-winning books - Siddhartha, Song of Solomon, The Glass Castle - because they're icky, aka deal with real-life things like sex, swearing, Buddhism, violence. The books thus join the exalted ranks of offenders like To Kill A Mockingbird (trashy), Charlotte's Web (sacreligious), The Giving Tree (anti-forestry), Grapes of Wrath (commie, duh) and many more you should read.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Arresting the Polar Bear
Talk about iconic. Among the over 100 protesters arrested at Flood Wall Street were two Captain Planets and Frostpaw, the ubiquitous polar bear and activist. His arrest prompted boos and chants from the crowd, the P.R.- perfect image for protesters, and a swift, often gleeful response from online commenters. Noted one, "There's now been 100% more polar bears arrested than bankers." From another, "Thanks NYPD, you always deliver."
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Bill O'Reilly Will Save Us From ISIS
Those of us distressed by our airstrikes on Syria and woeful all-round saber-rattling, take heart. Bill O'Reilly has a "real" solution to ISIS: A well-paid, well trained mercenary army of "elite fighters (to) defeat terrorists all over the world," except experts say it would be illegal, immoral and "a terrible idea," but still. Is this what media "analysis" has come to? Regrettably, the Marx Brothers' Duck Soup comes to mind: "We got guns! They got guns! All God's children got guns!"
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Monday, September 22, 2014
Honk For Jesus, Or, If You're So Inclined, Satan
Beware, ye God-fearing souls: Lucifer, who may or may not be trolling us, is on the march. So it is that kids in some Florida schools will get a Satanic Children’s BIG BOOK of Activities, Oklahoma's capitol may soon boast a Satanic statue, and it just hosted a Black Mass conducted by gleeful Satanists fighting the incursions of evangelical Christians with their own arguments. The Church, not happy, is seeking to stop the "devil worshipers" in their heathen tracks. Stay tuned.
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Sunday, September 21, 2014
Do Not Waste Time
Maybe Sunday will prove to be a seminal moment in the climate crisis, or not. On the same day three new studies reported the world last year pumped 39.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air - 2.3% up from the year before, and more than ever before - up to a half million people took to the streets to demand change. Monday's call is for people to Flood Wall Street to keep up the pressure. For inspiration, aerial views of democracy in action.
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