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Minimum Wage

'A Historic Moment': Campaign Aims to Boost Wages in 25 States

"This is the only future for the service sector and the economy overall: wages must go up or there will be no future," said one activist.

Jake Johnson ·

Signature Gathering Begins for $18 Minimum Wage Fight in California

"Raising the minimum wage in the Golden State is a moral imperative," said Joe Sanberg, the investor and anti-poverty activist sponsoring the ballot initiative.

Jake Johnson ·

Restaurant Owners Got 30 Times More Federal Covid Aid Than Workers: Report

"If the subminimum wage for tipped workers persists, the restaurant industry is unlikely to recover from its growing labor crisis, regardless of how much money the federal government hands out to business owners."

Kenny Stancil ·

In a Single Year, $1.78 Trillion Was Stolen From the Working Class

The wealth workers should have received, had wages kept up with productivity, was instead given to shareholders.

Colleen Boyle ·

The Fed's War on Inflation Is Really an Attack on Workers

The takeaway for American workers: The Fed is not your friend.

James K. Galbraith ·

Biden Praised for $15 Minimum Wage Hike for All Federal Workers

"Setting a new $15 per hour wage floor for federal government work will encourage employers across the country who are currently paying poverty wages to compete for labor and start paying fairer rates."

Brett Wilkins ·

'No Excuse' to Keep Federal Minimum at $7.25, Experts Say as 21 States Hike Wages

"With consumer prices rising substantially over the past year, the need for a higher federal minimum wage is more acute than ever."

Jake Johnson ·

'Historic Victory': Garment Workers Organize to End Wage Theft

A historic victory over the fashion industry in California is creating ripples for global change.

Rucha Chitnis ·

'A Wake-Up Call to Restaurants': New Campaign for $15 Minimum Wage Kicks Off in Michigan

"Michigan persists as one of 43 states with a legacy of slavery—a subminimum wage—and a very low overall wage of just under $10 an hour. Neither is enough for people to live on."

Brett Wilkins ·

Record-High 81 Jurisdictions Set to Raise Minimum Wages in 2022: Report

"Underpaid workers, especially Black and brown workers, have been mobilizing to demand higher wages, safer workplace conditions, and dignified jobs—and they're succeeding."

Jake Johnson ·

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