Minimum Wage

Jake Johnson, staff writer
The $7.25 federal minimum is "a starvation wage that is not enough to keep working families out of poverty," argued Sen. Bernie Sanders
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"We're up before the sun to say, we're not going to take it any more," declared the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, which rallied workers outside of a Burger King.
"Rampant racism. Wage cuts. Attacks on unions. It's time to fight back."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
Responding to the CareerBuilder report on Twitter, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, argued the results show the urgent need for "strong unions" and "an economy that works for us," not merely the wealthiest.
As President Trump flaunts booming stock market, most U.S. workers as...


Big fast food just got even slimier: In the wake of findings that taxpayers subsidize not just McFood's woefully underpaid workers but their grotesquely overpaid CEOs - the head of McDonald’s makes almost 10 million bucks, 1,200 times a worker's wage, with only about $1 million taxable income - come leaked documents showing that the National Restaurant Association is monitoring activists' social media, warning about the growing traction of "rent-a-mob" protests and otherwise stepping up a well-...