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Pennsylvania Governor: 'I'm All About Privatization'

- Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Gov. Tom Corbett continues to embrace his privatization push in the state of Pennsylvania.

"The governor is a proponent of bold privatization." (Photo: Megan Manlove / Penn State) The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Thursday that Corbett "and his team are sending strong signals that they want the [state-run liquor] system squarely in private hands." Also this week, his administration signed off on putting the state lottery in private hands.  Meanwhile, 37 public schools are slated to close in the name of charter school expansion.

Corbett spokesman Kevin Harley made clear on Thursday any doubts about Corbett's plans. "The governor is a proponent of bold privatization. That has been his consistent position from day one—and it hasn't changed."

House Republican spokesman Steve Miskin welcomed Corbett's approach, stating, "We look forward to a very strong privatization effort this session."


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