Civil Rights

Jake Johnson, staff writer
"The civil rights movement always was targeted by those that would use the Red Scare. They accused Dr. King of being a communist. We've been down that road before."
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
American civil rights activist Bayard Rustin (1912 - 1987), spokesman for the Citywide Committee for Integration, at the organization's headquarters at Silcam Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, New York City.
In addition to the posthumous pardon for Rustin, Newsom announced a new...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)
"Every person with a disability deserves the right to live in their community...


Change Happens (If Much Too Slowly) Dept: Civil rights icon and Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) tweeted out his long-ago, self-assured mugshot today to commemorate his 1961 release from a Mississippi prison where he served 37 days for "disorderly conduct," aka daring to use a bathroom labelled "white." A leader of the Selma to Montgomery March, the tireless Lewis has been arrested over 40 times fighting for civil rights - he calls it "good or necessary trouble" - for which we thank him.