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US Military

A Vengeful American Empire Has Been Humiliated in Afghanistan

The Americans, like the British and the Soviets before them, dug their own graveyard in Afghanistan.

Chris Hedges ·

Five Ways the US Created and Prolonged the Afghan Crisis

The United States was involved in Afghanistan long before 9/11, fomenting Islamist revolt and paving the way for its own defeat.

Zoltán Grossman ·

New Bill Proposes Cutting Pentagon Spending to Fund Vaccines for Poor Nations

"We can't bomb our way out of a global pandemic," said Rep. Mark Pocan, the sponsor of the legislation, "Shifting funds from weaponry and military contractors to producing Covid vaccines will save hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of lives around the world."

Jake Johnson ·

The All-American Base World

750 U.S. military bases still remain around the planet.

Patterson Deppen ·

American Wars: Blood in the Sand

For decades, the American political class has intervened relentlessly and recklessly in countries whose people they hold in contempt. And once again they are being aided by America’s credulous mass media, which is uniformly blaming the Taliban victory on Afghanistan’s incorrigible corruption.

Jeffrey D. Sachs ·

Diplomacy, Not Bombs: Anti-War Voices Say Afghanistan Shows Need to Stop Any Further March to War

"The only thing that we 'accomplished' by going into... Afghanistan was to put trillions of taxpayer dollars into the military-industrial complex and destroy millions of lives."

Brett Wilkins ·

Opening and Closing US Embassies—From Sierra Leone to Afghanistan

U.S. officials are very well aware that local citizens who work with the U.S. military are endangering themselves and their families when the U.S. departs.

Ann Wright ·

War, Herbicides, and Moral Disengagement

What gives political leaders the wherewithal to violate basic human values—established moral standards—and perpetrate the inhumanity of war?

Robert C. Koehler ·

Further Blow to Press Freedoms as US Wins Appeal in Effort to Extradite Julian Assange

"This disingenuous appeal should be dismissed by the court and President Biden should take the opportunity to drop these politically motivated charges."

Brett Wilkins ·

76 Years After Hiroshima Bombing, Fresh Call for End to All Nuclear Weapons

"Nuclear weapons are the ultimate human violence," said Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui. "If civil society decides to live without them, the door to a nuclear-weapon-free world will open wide."

Brett Wilkins ·

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