Common Dreams staff
"Trump using Thanksgiving to call for his 'WALL,' apparently without irony. Missed the part of the Pilgrims' story where they scale one."
Jon Queally, staff writer
"TransCanada has many hurdles still ahead on Keystone XL, and if they ever run...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"We need you to take a stand no matter what land you live or work on. The...


This week gave us an appalling view of American "justice" in all its white privilege and cognitive dissonance: The acquittal of a bunch of ignorant, armed, white, male hooligans who laid boisterous claim to Oregon land that was never theirs, and the tear-gassing, shooting and arrest of peaceful, praying Standing Rock Sioux seeking to protect their own revered land/water from destruction - to "do something good and right." After 500 brutal years, shame, America, again.