House Democrats

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Constitutional law experts on Friday endorsed a bill that would create 18-year term limits for U.S. Supreme Court Justices. (Photo: <a href="">Matt Wade</a>/flickr/cc)</p>
The called it "a critical piece in prescribing how our country's leaders can work to depoliticize the Supreme Court and its confirmation process."
Brett Wilkins, staff writer
Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) and three of her House Democratic colleagues introduced a bill on October 20, 2020 to fund mental health first responder units in a bid to reduce police violence against mentally ill people. (Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)
The co-sponsors cited research showing people with mental illnesses are 16...
Brett Wilkins, staff writer
 Defense Secretary Mark Esper, pictured here in October 2019. (Photo: Staff Sgt. Nicole Meija/Joint Base Andrews/cc)
"We have not received a direct commitment from Secretary Esper that he will...