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Snowy Standoff in New Brunswick as Anti-Fracking Protesters Fight for 'Next Seven Generations'

'I think the community is standing up for the environment, and the police are protecting the company, and that's not right.'

- Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Picture via Twitter: Stormy Ravenhawk /‏@StormyRavenhawk A snowy standoff took place in New Brunswick between Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and anti-fracking protesters on Sunday as Elsipogtog community members and their allies continue the fight to protect their land from shale gas exploration.

Twitter users captured a lineup of "protectors" facing police along Highway 11 where energy company SWN Resources has trucks conducting seismic testing for shale gas.

A similar protest on Highway 11 on Friday blocked the road for hours, and several protesters were arrested for breaching a court injunction by SWN. CBC reports:

Under terms of the court order, protesters cannot interfere with the company's shale gas exploration. They must stay 20 metres away from the side of roads where the company is working and 250 metres away from the front or back of its trucks.

Friday's arrests brings the total to 14 since Monday. [...]

"They have tear gas, they have guns, we have nothing," said protester Mary Okay. "They're the ones that are blocking the road right now." [...]

Some people accused the officers of acting like private security for the company. [...]

"I think it's a disgrace," said Nancy Strabach. "I think the community is standing up for the environment, and the police are protecting the company, and that's not right.

The fight represents "a global issue," protesters say, and are calling for solidarity and for Monday to be a day of "emergency action."

“We are not giving up despite these harsh weather conditions, sacrificing time with our families, our jobs, our homes, not only to protect land, water and people but to ensure a brighter future for the next 7 generations. We are asking for more support, through road blocks to be in solidarity. This is not just an Elsipogtog issue, this is a global issue and we need to raise awareness. Show us support any way possible, sending thank you’s, road blocks, banners, even dropping by, all and every type of support is appreciated.”



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