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Sexual Assault

#FireChrisHayes Trends as MSNBC Anchor Attacked for Covering Biden Accuser Story

Journalist Glenn Greenwald said the reaction to Hayes reporting on a news story which reflects poorly on the former vice president "shows what MSNBC has cultivated."

Eoin Higgins ·

Demand Grows for Biden to Address Tara Reade Allegations as Democrats Wrestle With #MeToo Hypocrisy

"Republicans already basically dismiss sexual assault allegations against their co-partisans out of hand; if Democrats do the same for the leader of their party it will do a great deal to move us back to the pre-#MeToo past."

Andrea Germanos ·

Bernie’s Campaign Suspension Shows How Far We Have to Go

The movements that drove the Sanders campaign are still fighting for a better world.

Lexi McMenamin ·

The Inconvenient Truth of Rape

Yes, we are in the middle of a contentious primary season and a presidential election with much on the line. And, yes, allegations of sexual assault or rape against the current leader in the Democratic primaries are inconvenient. But rape is even more inconvenient.

Anthony Zenkus ·

Why Has the Media Ignored Sexual Assault and Misbehaviour Allegations Against Biden?

Conservatives who didn’t care about the multiple sexual assault allegations against Trump have seized on the accusations while liberals turn a blind eye.

Arwa Mahdawi ·

Convicted Rapist Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison

"He is going to jail—but no amount of jail time will repair the lives he ruined."

Common Dreams staff ·

'A Historic Victory for Survivors Everywhere': Harvey Weinstein Convicted of Felony Sexual Assault

"This verdict sends a clear signal that sexual abusers everywhere can and will be held accountable for their crimes—even if they enjoy significant positions of power."

Julia Conley ·

Weinstein Trial Begs a Question: Why Is the Pain of Women and Minorities Often Ignored?

Recognizing and believing their pain is essential to the work of healing and justice.

Anne P. DePrince ·

What Is Happening to Assange Will Happen to the Rest of Us

The publication of classified documents is not yet a crime in the United States. If Assange is extradited and convicted, it will become one.

Chris Hedges ·

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