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As Covid Ravages Poor Nations, Pharma Vaccine Profiteering Has Created 9 New Billionaires

"These billionaires are the human face of the huge profits many pharmaceutical corporations are making from the monopoly they hold on these vaccines."

Jake Johnson ·

On Vaccine Patents, A Light Out of the Darkness

Demonstrators weren't just protesting vaccine patents. They were defying a neoliberal order that uses the luminous products of human intelligence for private exploitation.

Richard Eskow ·

Sanders Urges Labor Secretary to Protect Jobless Benefits as GOP Governors Race to Cut Them Off

The Vermont senator warned that many workers "will be forced into poverty" if Republican leaders are permitted to end emergency unemployment benefits.

Jake Johnson ·

To 'Crush the Virus,' Majority of House Dems Urge Biden to Back Vaccine Patent Waiver

"We need to make public policy choices, both in the U.S. and at the WTO, that put lives first."

Jake Johnson ·

Moderna Offer of Vaccines for Global South 'Not a Substitute for Patent Justice,' Advocates Say

"We can't count on the benevolence of Big Pharma corporations" to end the pandemic, said one organization.

Julia Conley ·

Dingell and Markey Introduce $10 Trillion THRIVE Act to Tackle 'Our Biggest Emergencies'

The bill aims to ensure "an intersectional response" to the climate crisis, coronavirus pandemic, economic inequity, and racial injustice "that is proportionate to the scope of the problems we face."

Jessica Corbett ·

Democrats, Sanders Demand Biden Release Secret Covid Vaccine Contracts Inked Under Trump

"The Trump administration gave Big Pharma billions but refused to disclose full terms of these deals."

Jake Johnson ·

As US Lifts Export Ban to Assist India, Biden Urged to 'Keep His Word' by Supporting Vaccine Patent Waiver

"This is a start. But not nearly enough. President Biden promised that intellectual property law would not block the Global South from producing the vaccine."

Jake Johnson ·

Bernie Sanders Says Backing Waiver for Covid Vaccine Patents Is 'Common Human Morality'

"We must do everything humanly possible to crush this global pandemic and save millions of people who are in danger of needlessly dying."

Jake Johnson ·

60% of US Voters Want Biden to Support Patent Waiver for Covid Vaccines: Poll

"The world needs it. The people want it. The question is, will President Biden listen?"

Kenny Stancil ·

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