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Climate Emergency, Vaccine Monopolies, and Fiscal Blindness: The Fight Against Inequality Is the Only Way Out

If we are failing to meet our commitments, it is because of a handful of the richest people on the planet refuse to pay their taxes.

Eva Joly ·

Putting Current Inflation in the Proper Perspective

In many of the areas seeing the sharpest price increases, the inflation is clearly due to factors associated with the pandemic and the reopening of the economy which are not likely to persist long into the future.

Dean Baker ·

Droning on in This Hellfire World

Assassins-in-Chief and their brood.

Tom Engelhardt ·

No, The Teachers Are Not Okay

The system is built on the backs of teachers. And we are ready to collapse.

Steven Singer ·

Billions Who Need the Most Help Can Also Benefit—As Americans Have—From Changes in Economic Policy

Allowing the IMF to issue $1.5 trillion in special drawing rights would save countless lives and wouldn’t cost U.S. taxpayers a dime.

Mark Weisbrot ·

Thanks to the Child Tax Credit, My Son Won't Suffer the Tremendous Trauma I Did

I grew up poor and traumatized, not knowing how to get help. Now my own child's life will be better.

La'Shon Marshall ·

From 9/11 to Covid, Social Security Is There for Us in Times of Crisis

Social Security is a shining example of how we can strengthen our security when we pool our risks and responsibilities.

Nancy J. Altman ·

One 9/11 First Responder Reflects: Life is Duty

Respect is hollow in absence of shared sacrifice.

Donna Smith ·

On Deregulation and Covid Masks, Libertarians Are Loud. On Female Liberty, Deafening Silence

A libertarian is someone who will defend a woman's right not to wear a medical mask during a pandemic, but inexplicably holds that choices about her body, her health, her economic situation, and her entire life trajectory, belong to the government.

Lynn Parramore ·

The Moral Idiocy and Suicidal Tendency of Endless War

Eight trillion dollars have been surrendered to 20 years of high-tech killing and nation-wrecking, but this is hardly questioned. There's no accountability. The future that we want, the one that still includes humanity, remains an ideal.

Robert C. Koehler ·

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