Lisa Newcomb, staff writer
Mandating an increase of giving from charitable funds, says one advocate, "would move an estimated $200 billion off the sidelines and into front-line working charities without increasing taxes or adding to the deficit."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"One hundred fifty thousand coronavirus deaths, 30 million without an...
Lisa Newcomb, staff writer
Educators hold up signs during a rally for healthy and safe working and learning conditions in public schools on July 30, 2020 in Malden, Massachusetts. (Photo: Matt Stone/ MediaNews Group/Boston Herald/via Getty images)
Widespread concern comes as data predicts inevitable Covid-19 spread in schools...


Proving Republicans will do anything to steal an election - and many people really hate them - thousands of Wisconsinites angrily, stoically stood in long lines and face masks to cast their votes after GOP lawmakers and judges refused to delay an election that threatened their health and rights. Images of the day: The GOP Speaker in full hazmat duds assuring voters, "You are incredibly safe!" and people waiting until dark in a thunderstorm during a pandemic to cast defiant, vote-or-die ballots.