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Investing $2 Trillion in US Clean Energy and Infrastructure Could Create Millions of 'Good Jobs,' Analysis Finds

"We don't have to choose between a strong economy or a healthy environment—we can have both," says an EPI data analyst.

Jessica Corbett ·

'Trump Is a Fraud, Exhibit One Billion': Trade Deficit Soars to 12-Year High Despite President's Promises to Wipe It Out

"Trump pledged to eliminate the trade deficit and end job outsourcing, but the overall 2020 deficit is on track to be larger than when he took office, and his Labor Department has certified more than 300,000 American jobs were lost to outsourcing and imports during his presidency."

Jake Johnson ·

Will Biden's Trade Policy Record Come Back to Haunt Him in Midwest?

"I helped lead the opposition to these agreements, Joe Biden supported those agreements," said Sen. Bernie Sanders. "And that is a fundamental difference about our approach toward the trade union movement and towards the needs of working people."

Andrea Germanos ·

Confirming He 'Does Not Give a Crap About Working People,' Trump Proposes Rejoining TPP

"In a series of broken promises Trump made to the working people of this country, rejoining the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership would be the biggest yet," warned Sen. Bernie Sanders

Jake Johnson ·

Pending India-UK Trade Deal Could Upend Global Generic Drugmaking Efforts, NGOs Warn

If a leaked draft of the bilateral pact is accurate, said one critic, the agreement "risks India's ability to produce lifesaving medicines for millions of people around the world."

Brett Wilkins ·

The Continuing Damages From Corporate-Managed So-Called Free Trade

"There is a growing perception that the global 'free market' economy is inherently an enemy to the natural world, to human health, and freedom to industrial workers."

Ralph Nader ·

Latin American Leaders Should Stand Up for People, Not American Neoliberalism

As leaders gather in Los Angeles, a reflection on the past two decades of battles against neoliberalism and for a more just and equitable alternative in the Americas.

Manuel Pérez Rocha ·

Invasion of Ukraine Is Exacerbating Food Insecurity in the Middle East and North Africa

The ongoing conflict is disrupting the supply chains of cereals and oilseeds, increasing food prices, and is expected to significantly raise domestic production costs in the agricultural sector.

Mohammed Tazrouti ·

There Is a Major Food Crisis Looming in the Middle East

Interrupted wheat supplies from the world’s 'bread basket' will profoundly affect a region already in economic turmoil.

Joe Stork ·

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