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Vaccine Equity Activists Denounce Pfizer's 'Obscene' Pandemic Windfall

"Companies like Pfizer will always put high profit before lives," said one campaigner after the pharma giant announced record second-quarter revenue.

Brett Wilkins ·

The Dual Population Problem: People and Things

Rapid climate destabilization is an existential threat, but it's a derivative of overshoot, of too many people consuming too much stuff in the aggregate.

Wes Jackson ·

The Corporate Narrative on Inflation Is Bogus

Progressive economists understand there is a more accurate narrative on higher prices and it's time for us to tell it.

Chuck Idelson ·

'Really Inexcusable': Progressives Lament Democrats' Failure to Reverse Trump Tax Cuts

"If the so-called party of the people cannot raise taxes on the ultra-rich they have little purpose other than being yet another handmaiden for the wealthy in Washington."

Jake Johnson ·

Around Half of US Seniors Living Alone Can't Afford Basic Expenses: Study

"There's a myth that Social Security and Medicare miraculously take care of all of people's needs in older age. The reality is they don't, and far too many people are one crisis away from economic insecurity."

Brett Wilkins ·

On 13th Anniversary of Last Minimum Wage Hike, Dems Urged to Raise 'Deplorable' $7.25 Floor

"They must immediately raise the federal minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. Our country cannot afford to reach a 14th anniversary of $7.25."

Jake Johnson ·

Joe Manchin Just Proved Why We Need the OLIGARCH Act

We need to ensure that the richest people in the country can no longer subvert the overwhelming will of voters by buying the goodwill of elected officials.

Dylan Dusseault ·

'CEOs, Not Working People, Are Causing Inflation': Report Shows Soaring Executive Pay

"When you look at those numbers and at CEOs trying to blame workers for inflation, it just doesn't add up," said the secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO.

Jake Johnson ·

Structuring the Economy to Give Money to the Rich Is Inflationary

We transfer tens of billions of dollars upward to CEOs and other top corporate executives through the corrupt corporate governance structure that we have instituted.

Dean Baker ·

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