Common Dreams staff
"Just amazing," said one economic analyst. "Really hard to get your head around. But it's true."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
Increasing taxes on those already drowning in student loan debt to give the...
Julia Conley, staff writer
Although adults between the ages of 20 and 29 are better educated, on average, than their parents' generation, overwhelming student debt is contributing to a generational inability to accumulate wealth.
70 percent of the world's working-age adults have less than $10,000 each


Troubled by Trayvon Martin's death and seeking to “have these conversations in the public space," a Boston street artist and professor has erected a small guerrilla monument to Martin on a lamp post stump he considered "ripe for intervention." He put the plaque, with a hoodie splayed on the ground, across from a Civil War monument as "a marker to how far we've come in terms of race relations...power and equality since the end of slavery." "I think there are many stories like his out there...I...